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By: Amer Siddiq

Managing a commercial property portfolio can be a time consuming and stressful way to earn a living. This is especially true in these uncertain and volatile economic times. But if you asked commercial landlords the vast majority would tell you that they enjoyed the job. Investment properties do not, however, buy and look after themselves. It takes expertise, time and a lot of research to find the right properties and tenants and the rent doesnít collect itself. Itís a fact that to get ahead in the game the smart commercial landlord must use his time and expertise wisely.

Why then are so many professional landlords still effectively office bound pouring over piles of paperwork? Sadly, the answer to that question is probably habit and as you know the solution to a bad habit is to kick it. What are you waiting for? Kick the paperwork and tedious and repetitive processes into touch. There is no doubt about it, a good property management software package frees up valuable time and will save a business money in the long term.

So, what type of commercial landlord are you? Are you out there networking and looking for the next property or stuck behind a desk trying to make sense of it all? If you are the latter then take a deep breath, put down the to-do list and think about what you could be doing.

Investment property is bricks and mortar at the end of the day but successfully managing a property portfolio is really about people. A successful professional landlord spends the vast majority of his working life networking and talking to tenants, suppliers, contractors, banks and lawyers. If you are still struggling on with manual or spreadsheet driven systems, good landlord software can help you to quarter or half the amount of time that you are stuck behind your desk by cutting out repetition and streamlining your processes.

As with good investment property, choosing the right product takes time, effort and thorough research. Here are some of the things that you should look for in a property management software package; the facility to monitor rental payments paid and owing, a facility to send out statements and letters dealing with any arrears or action that you are taking, and the facility to monitor and plan your obligations in terms of building repairs and maintenance. Just think of the time that you could save by streamlining these tasks that are features of every landlordís to-do list.

Once the data has been input into the system, which is a task that you can delegate, then you will have access to all sorts of information that you need to make financial and management decisions in the form of reports. Once you have identified problem and potentially problematic tenants you can take action to manage the risk thereby protecting your cash flow.

By investing in good property management software you can and will work smarter and faster. You will have the time to do what you do best at the same time developing and growing your business.

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