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By: Dr Neil Miller

Social networking has revolutionized the way people can find out what is happening outside work. Work networking will revolutionize the way people find out what is happening at work.

In most workplaces, people find out what is happening, and what they need to do for relevant tasks, through networks of people around those tasks. These people networks keep the work flowing.

Some innovative managers have tried to employ social networking techniques and tools in their workplaces to create and sustain essential people networks. But maintaining these networks distracts from work. Also the loose structure and ad hoc nature of social networking techniques makes it extremely difficult to gain and sustain the level of coordination required to get work done.

TASKey has been working towards a work networking solution for over 10 years. Requirements that had to be met were:

1. A simple building block that captures the essential information people need to work together
2. A simple way to join together building blocks that matches how people naturally work together
3. A way to show each person what is happening from their perspective
4. A means to show each person what they need to do to contribute to all the tasks they are involved in
5. A means to create personalized ToDo lists that are synchronized with other team members’ ToDo lists
6. A way to coordinate work while allowing people to work how they want to work
7. A means to keep everyone informed about work information that is relevant to them
8. A way to automatically report progress of tasks and actions
9. A simple way to enforce security and privacy
10. A means that lets people interact at a time and place that suits them
11. Tools to easily change tasks, teams and actions to match real-life situational changes
12. Tools to template work processes to achieve consistency and save time and effort
13. Tools to simplify work force planning

Considering all these requirements, it is easy to see why social networking software is unworkable, in all but the simplest work situations. To be practical, a work networking solution must meet all these requirements in a coordinated way that is simple and beneficial to each person involved.

Currently people use many (largely manual) business processes to manage work. However they need to be well trained and well located to consistently apply these business processes; so they can make the right decisions at the right time.

TASKey has developed a practical work networking solution by automating a lot of the complex business processes that manage work. Key parts of aligning, planning, organizing, coordinating, monitoring and reporting are automated. This means that people require less training, and business processes can be applied consistently, globally, and 7x24.

TASKey’s software for web and mobile browsers provides the first practical method and tools for work networking. So now, everyone can better control work using considerably less time and effort.

In practical terms, people create lists to stop forgetting what needs to be done and who needs to do what, with whom and when. For example, we have personal ToDo lists, strategy lists, project lists, task lists, meeting lists, and process lists.

TASKey’s software facilitates work networking by providing a simple solution to create relevant lists, and update them. On average, work networking can save each user up to 8 hours a week of unproductive time, spent on tracking and updating lists.

Work networking uses people networks to sort out who needs to see what, so everyone knows what is happening. The software keeps everyone’s view simple – no matter how many tasks and people are involved and how much is changing – you still see your relevant work from your perspective and nothing is missed.

Most importantly, work networking presents otherwise unintelligible task information in an easy to understand and actionable form. By using work networking to automate a lot of the complex (but essential) business processes, managing today’s work anywhere at any time has never been easier. Visit and for more information.

Dr Neil Miller

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