Wooden baby toys in the Middle Ages

By: Callister Tripp

The Middle Ages did not bring any change the children's lifestyle versus past centuries. Children always had plenty of time to play with various wooden baby toys, or other games like playing with marbles or playing with the circle and sticks. They would also play games imitating adults, pretend training with a wooden bat and ball, as if they were adults in tournaments; Or they would think up games of skill with the ball, imitating acrobats.

What we do need to highlight is that in the early Middle Ages wooden baby toys lived an uncertain period. There were few archaeological finds and scarce literary news to account for these. The vacuum that distinguishes these centuries can be explained by long periods of barbarian invasions that destroyed and conditioned the lives of people, bringing social misery and poverty of businesses. In addition, toys and dolls were manufactured in house with makeshift equipment, and materials in crude forms so perishable, not a trace after their temporary use. The first medieval dolls date we have is no earlier than 1200 to 1300.

Toys of the forthcoming periods seem to be a reflection of technical knowledge that was acquired at the time. Wooden baby toys such as small windmills, locks and ovens: there were the craftsmen who made objects specifically created for children. But this was mainly toys for the very privileged that belonged only to the children of aristocratic houses, because children of other social statuses, especially the poorest, they would have to build their own toys, using the few materials available to them which often were pebbles, pieces of wood, grass, shells and pieces of cloth that they had lying around the house.

Unlike past toys, the medieval probably did not have a clear distinction between males and females toys. Children played with the dolls without distinguishing if this was a male or female toy, or playing with the ball. But it definitely had a different influence on children. These would influence the fate and status of children: the future priest had a miniature altar or small liturgical objects, to play with. Future military soldiers would play with lead or clay cannons, wooden swords, wooden bows and arrows or wooden horses. Little Girls, however, were brought up in function of married life, were give needle's to spin, dishes and utensils for cooking, but especially dolls to dream of the role of mother.

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