Women Like Fishing Too

By: Nicky Bullimore

Ok, the snippet was a bit of fun, but it really is fair to say that fishing along with many outdoor sports was more of a male thing than a womanís.

Fishing is after all a hunterís sport, so it makes sense that the guys would have taken to fishing a lot more than the women.

Any fishing related images that you may come across in old books will always be pictures of guys holding up their prize catch, and there wouldnít be a woman in sight.

However as time as gone on, fishing is not just a hunters sport. People are fishing for fun, and it isnít always a matter of killing the fish and taking it home for a meal that evening.

Some locations where you fish will not permit you to take the fish that you catch, but instead, releasing it back into the water.

As trends have changed in the reasons why people fish, fishing is now a sport that suits everyone; man, woman, boy and girl. There is nothing about fishing that suits one gender over the other.

Now, women and children didnít butt their way into the pastime of the male so they could be nosy to see what dad was up to, or the wife could go checking up on her hubby. You guys invited us into this fishing world of yours.

My father was a big time fisherman and I as a child would be asked by my father if I would like to go fishing with him. I took my dad up on his offer and I remember my first fishing rod that my father bought me.

I wasnít too keen on the wriggly maggots that we used back then, but the thrill of catching my first fish, and the sense of achievement it bought was quite addictive.

I may have been a little too young considering the waiting around that had to be done before the first catch came along, but of course, later on, I realised fishing was actually a break from everything and a place where one could go and be with their own thoughts, like some kind of therapy.

I still find it amazing today how many kids have got into fishing which means they are not bored wandering around the streets. It is something that they can do with their friends, have a few laughs as well as the competitive nature of who is going to catch, not only the first fish, but the biggest!

Fishing in a river is great, but nowadays, we can take trips on Deep Sea Fishing boats and head out into the Ocean on day trips and catch fish that we canít find in our local rivers.

This brings excitement in itself, for the women, as well as the kids. It is a great thing to do as a family if everyone likes to fish as well as party boat fishing with a group of friends.

And guys, next time you are wondering where to take a girl on a date, just remember, girls think fishing is fun too, try it, you never know. I would probably opt for the deep sea fishing trip in this case, and although itís not like being taken to buy a new pair of shoes of a piece of jewellery, it could be the best date you ever had.

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