Women Empowerment India- A Must Step To Be Taken At the Earliest

By: narisewasamiti

Gender discrimination is deeply rooted in the country like India. This social malice is practised in diverse forms since thousands of years. Here empowering women may take years and requires a huge effort. Making half attempt would not allow malice to go away in a few years. For that matter, one needs to formulate diverse laws and policies that too are not enough, as it is seen most of the time these laws and policies are not at all helpful and they are just on the paper which needs to be utilized in the real life. While on the other hand, the ground situation remains similar and in many circumstances, it worsens.

The fact is that addressing the malice of gender discrimination is a long battle in our country and for women empowerment India one need to build powerful structural forces in our society that draw women's growth and development. Taking such an action ensures providing a pleasing environment for women.

Let's check out what are things one can achieve through it-

1). Provide a Safe Environment- When we talk about women empowerment, safety and security are the first priority. It is a fact that gender equality is a must for the complete upliftment of the society. Though awareness is being created among the people, yet it lacks in practical terms. Security and safety are the basic right of each and every woman despite any location, education, background or any religion. Innumerable NGOs are functional to provide comprehensive shelter for women.

2). Provide Education- One must owe each and every woman by offering basic education. As illiteracy is the main cause of woman's disaster, she needs to be trained to perform basic tasks like remembering a phone number, basic calculations, knowledge of traffic signs and directions. Such information is some of the significant factors that are needed to empower women.

3). Vocational Training- Each woman is blessed with an ability of multi-tasking. And this is what makes them quick learner and thus helping them stand apart. Apart from managing their home well, they can always learn to generate an extra income skills. Offering vocational training program for them certainly, helps them learn and earn. It helps them feel confident and prepare them for their rainy days.

4).Power of Decision Making- From managing home to offices, women today can handle all easily and they showcase exceptional decision-making ability. Whether a woman is a housewife or employed one, the need for decision-making is always a need for her. So, this needs to be inculcated from the beginning in her. It has been found that the women who are deprived of love and affection and have low self-esteem, generally lack self-confidence that leads to the lack of decision-making ability. Most women NGO works in making a remarkable improvement in each woman.

5).Creation of Health Awareness- Awareness of health safety is necessary for any women. And each of them is also capable of taking care of their family and loved ones. But most of them need to be aware of taking care of them. Family planning, health care and reproductive rights need to be aware and raise voice against any kind of injustice.

These entire points need to be emphasized on; for the upliftment of each and every women.

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