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With the power of the internet, Wireless networks have become a great way of communication between people as well as devices. It has eliminated the need of cables being connected to hubs for data transfer. Wireless Printers have revolutionized the way we extract hardcopy data and share information with the systems on the network.

Needless to say, Wireless Printers have become a vital part of the business stream. The non-requirements of connecting the hardware device with any type of cables, systems, hubs etc. are a main factor of its efficiency and importance. The systems connected in the same network can use the printer for their tasks with relative ease.

Benefits of Wireless Printers

• They are free from the hassle of cabling

• They can be used anywhere and relocated in minutes without incurring additional costs.

• It provides the responsiveness and flexibility that modern businesses demand.

• With a wireless printer and network, you don't need to buy a printer for every desk, since multiple employees can print to the same printer from anywhere in the office.

• Employees can print contact information, maps, or meeting notes without the hassle of cabling to a printer.

• Wireless networks can be made secure by implementing a few easy security measures

• Wireless allows you to print from anywhere in the office—no more being tethered to your desk.

Wireless Printer Problems

However with all these benefits there come the accompanied problems with wireless printers. Here are some of the most commonly faced ones: -

• "Access is Denied" error is displayed when trying to print to a shared printer on the network.

• Printer not listed in the Device Manager

• System can't find the printer to be added in the Network.

• The system does not detect Bluetooth or wireless printer.

• Unable to change the network printer properties

• Unable to manage the print queue for the printer.

• Unable to print to a network printer.

Following tips can help you resolve most of your wireless printer problems

• To make sure that printers on the network are being displayed, check if the network is working correctly. and that your computer is properly connected to the network.

• Check the status of the printer in the print queue, or go to the printer to make sure that is it powered on and ready to use.

• If the printer is plugged in to another computer and shared on the network, make sure that computer is turned on and it is connected to the network

• Make sure that the computer has the drivers for the current versions of Windows are installed.

• Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet or the network where the printer is installed.

• Install printer drivers that are compatible with the version of Windows that you're running.

• Make sure that all computers on the network are in the same workgroup.

• If your computer is connected to a network domain, you might not have permission to use some printers and the printers will not be displayed. To obtain permission, contact a system administrator.

• Make sure that your Bluetooth adapter is plugged in to your computer and turned on, and that your Bluetooth printer is turned on.

If the problem is not resolved, write down the error code or details and search on Google or Bing for wireless printer troubleshooting help.

If nothing seems to work, then I suggest you to contact a wireless printer support specialist, who can support coverage for wireless printer via phone and remote access.

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