Wines in Your Event: How to Save Money on Booze

By: Stephen John

Events and parties for adults are fun if you have some cocktails, wine, or beer to serve. Some parties are never complete without wine or Champagne like a wedding feast, a charity ball, or an awarding ceremony. But let's admit that with all the other expenses for the event, wine is an added cost, especially if you're eyeing the more expensive brands for the occasion.

Finding ways to save money on booze will help you reduce your total expenses and still enjoy a fun and successful party. Here are a few tips you can consider.

If you are hosting an event at a hotel, expect that cost of wines to be much higher than if you actually buy the wines separately. But of course, hotels will charge corkage fees as well if you buy and bring your own wines. Compare each option carefully and make certain calculations if you need to. See if it will cost you more to pay corkage fees and bring your own wines rather than getting the wines from the hotel banquet's wine list.

Another option but something a bit more challenging is to get wine sponsors. If your guests are targeted demographics of wine sellers, you have a good chance that they'll accept to sponsor your event.

Straight from the Cellars

Knowing where to get good quality wines at cheaper prices is an opportunity for you to save more money. Never buy from store retailers when you can order from suppliers in bulk. Suppliers are open to selling to consumers at a wholesale package. This is your chance to get bargains and discounts for bulk orders. Even online wine retailers like Wine Market offer cheaper prices for volume purchases. It's up to you to search and make an effort to find the right channel and suppliers and not simply rely on local stores that will charge you higher. If you can travel a few miles away from the city to buy wines in cellars and wine makers, the travel cost will be worth the penny saved for the discount you can get in this way.

BYOB or Bring Your Own Booze

Bring Your Own Booze is a term used to invite guests to bring booze to the party so the host can just spend on food and other party needs. But this will depend on the guests you will be inviting. Some may criticize your party for not serving alcoholic beverages and the lack of funds of the host to provide drinks, but for close friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives, this is a fun way to celebrate. Even guests may feel excited that they can bring their own booze. The host can just put more effort in providing good food and entertainment.

Go for Bit-sized Finger Food

If you want to spend more on booze, then you can cut down on food instead. How? Instead of a formal sit-down menu wherein you will be serving meal courses, you can choose a cocktail party. You set the party at a time wherein the guests have already eaten dinner and will just be interested in drinks and finger food at your party. Parties that start at 8 or 9pm will be ideal for a simple cocktail party with finger food and booze. Guests won't be clamoring for heavy meals but will be fine with delicious finger food and drinks. You'll spend less on food and still provide a fun and satisfying party.

Be practical, and you'll enjoy hosting a party more if you know you spent less for it. You might even plan frequent parties now because you are spending less each time. Good luck!

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Stephen John is a food and wine enthusiast. He blogs about food, wine, and culture and writes wine reviews for a living. He loves to travel and try exotic cuisines of different countries. He recommends Wine Market for a good source of bargain wines online.

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