Windsor Ties And Knots

By: Pri Vag

Often erroneously referred to as the "double Windsor" due to the existence of the half Windsor knot, the Windsor is the most traditional knot, and probably the one you first learned to make. This type of knot is all-purpose, and is appropriate for business meetings, interviews and anywhere else you need to look respectable.
1- Place the tie around your neck with the skinny end hanging on one shoulder and the thicker end on the other shoulder. Of course, make sure the label of your tie is facing your shirt and not the outside world.
2- Adjust the length of the skinny end by making it longer or shorter, depending on the size of your neck. Generally, if you have a large neck, you'll need the skinny end to initially hang longer on your shoulder than the thicker end on the opposite shoulder. If you have a small neck, the lengths of the thin and fat ends will be about equal around your neck prior to making your knot.
3- Cross the fat portion over the skinny end to make an X fairly close to your neck (around about the second button on your dress shirt).
4- Fold the larger end around the smaller end; loop the fat end through the neck and pull the two ends slightly apart so that the larger end is on one side of your body and the thinner end is on the other. Consider your work so far to be the first "knot."
5- Take the bigger end of the tie and fold it behind your first "knot," then loop the larger end toward you through the noose of the neck to form a second "knot," and pull this one tight. At this point, you should be able to see the label on the larger end of your tie (in other words, it should not be facing your shirt).
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6- To complete the final knot, fold the larger end around the two other "knots" you created previously (thus covering them both up) and loop it through the noose again.
7- Lastly, stuff the larger end through the now single knot and tighten your tie carefully. Voila!

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