William King and Socks

By: Elizabeth S Strong

Yes, actually, some socks really do have toes in them and you'd probably like them. So I'm supposed to put this funny looking glove like thing on my feet and really they are socks with toes in them?
If you're trying to picture what that looks like, then just think of the Japanese style of foot wear (the tabi) worn with socks with a big toe area and another area for the rest of their toes. If you give up because you can't picture a tabi, hunt for it on the Internet.
If you have any imagination at all, just shut your eyes and conjure up this funny looking foot with toes - sock toes that is! There are lots of styles in bright to pastel colors that you may choose from when it comes to socks with toes.
Anything you own that's hanging in your closet is easily accessorized with some of the brightest and best socks with toes in them that you will ever find on the Internet. One rather interesting trend in the sports world is to ensure the team on the field all have the same colored socks to make them easy to identify.
When you're watching a fast paced game it's sometimes really hard to keep your team members sorted out, so having socks the same color would help. Sure it would, takes the guesswork out of which team you happen to be rooting for. You could even have them as part of a school dress code, in colors as well, so you could tell which school was which.
Come to think of it, that would make it a whole lot easier to sort laundry now wouldn't it? Right oh, let's have on with more ideas here for socks. The best thing is really bare feet, but to make people happy, sock makers created the bare sock that can't be seen when it is being worn.
Some people call these things socklets and some of them come with a little ball sewn on the heel. What a small puffy ball is doing on the heel of these socks is really odd, because it doesn't fit into the shoe.

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