Will Liberty League Be Right For Me

By: Tom Culbertson

After looking into and thoroughly researching Liberty League I decided against joining. It was a decision based on several reasons. Please let me explain by reading the rest of this article.

It would be better here if I simply explain what I look for in a home business and then how it compares to what Liberty League offers. This will simplify things as we go along.

One thing to always look for in a home business is automation. How automated is the company you're looking at? You want a company where you can make money in your sleep. Liberty League has been around now for several years. Despite this Liberty League hasn't done much to make their business automated. You will spend the majority of your time on the phone with your prospects and team members.

The next thing to look for in a company is there compensation plan and whether or not you will have to pass up your first sales to your sponsor. Depending on what level you are at with Liberty League you will have to pass up anywhere from two to four of your first sales to your sponsor. Research shows that the majority of people that join these types of companies tend to fail within their first year.

Also with pass up programs once you have passed up your first sales to your sponsor you then will break away from them and be in direct competition with them. When this happens just like with Liberty League you will no longer have a mentor and someone that is there to teach you. And they in fact will be competing directly against you in that company.

So we know that pass-ups aren't very good. The next thing I look for is the training program. Does the company offer a good amount of training that I can use to market my business. With Liberty League there is very little training. The majority of Liberty League's training consists of placing ads in offline magazines and putting up signs in your community.

One of the biggest things to look for in a company is the compensation plan. Now the compensation plan is actually in direct relation to the pass-up program. When you have a company where you don't have to pass-up any of your sales you will then have a company where you don't break away from your sponsor. This means your going to have someone that's always there to mentor you and train you toward success. Liberty League as we already discussed does not do this.

So you want a company where you never break away from your sponsor. Let's say you have ten people on your team. Each person on your team makes only one sale a month every month for the whole year. Since they never break away from you, you are going to make money off of them for the whole year. And then the year after that, and on and on. Liberty League will not do this for you.

Last you want to make sure your company has a great product. I believe Liberty League has some very good products but simply charges too much for them. You can get personal development products for a small fraction of the price that Liberty League sells them for. So in conclusion I would say that Liberty League simply doesn't fit the description of what you want to get out of a home business. There are a small handful of companies that will give you what you want in a business. Liberty League is not one of them.

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