Will Eyelashes Grow Back? It's a common query amongst women with poor lashes.

By: Melanie A. Thompson

To those with scant eyebrows, it is very important to know if eyelashes grow again. It is a common problem among women. Generally the hair on the eyelashes intermittently falls off and is replaced by new ones replacing the old follicles. But with age the re-growth process becomes slower. This is a routine old age problem.
Incidentally in few cases ladies are found to shed eyelashes in small clusters which usually do not re-grow. Noticeable loss in clumps leaves women in a bewildered state. Autoimmune disease is known to cause such frequent loss and skin specialists treat this condition by prescribing cortisone to restrict injury to hair follicle. Sometimes, hypothyroid might cause such frequent fall of eyelashes.
To control such conditions, simple medication checks the disease and helps in alleviating sparse eyelashes. How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back? This question is often asked by women with sparse eyelashes. Usually new eyelashes grow back over a course of four to eight weeks.
There are certain steps everybody can take to prevent this situation of falling eyelashes suddenly arising. It is best not to regularly use eyelash curlers or pull and play with the lashes. This causes the hair to break and all. Thus the re-growth factor depends upon how long the individual plays around with curlers, uses mascara or tweaks the hair.
Physicians recommend women to use eyelash curlers less frequently and restrict their usage only for exclusive occasions and restrict their use of mascara which should be only applied by the wand. Such type of application prevents eyelash shedding and guarantees re-growth of eyelashes. Scientific research indicates that warm climatic condition hastens the process of hair follicle growth.
The hair cycle of eyelashes grow much faster than scalp hair. The growing stage of the cycle for this area is only a few months. Eyelash hair does not grow continuously. They grow up to a certain limit and usually a younger person's lashes tend to grow faster. For burn or accident cases when women query how to grow back eyelashes, generally medical practitioners suggest surgery or eyelash transplant.

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