Why writing is good for your health?

By: vikiblunt

Did you know that essay writing makes you healthier?
Let’s admit it; people rarely see writing as an enjoyable and wholesome activity. Being a big and quite important part of academic endeavors, it is still too often considered tedious and boring. You know what it’s like if you had to work on a paper at least once in your life (which you definitely did). Sitting in front of your desktop or laptop staring at a blank sheet on your screen with absolutely no clue as to what you should write? What’s so healthy about that?
Well, you’d be surprised, but writing does a lot of good to your psychological state — and as you well know, healthy mind means healthy body. There is this thing called expressive writing — committing your thoughts and feelings to paper (or any text editor), and there is a ton of positive effects it brings. Want to know more? Here you go.
Benefits of expressive writing: boost your mind, body and soul
1. Writing promotes better communication.
Quality communication is one of the essential parts of fulfilling life; who can argue with that? But did you know that writing helps you express your thoughts much better? The more you write, the easier it becomes for you to choose right words and get more eloquent. Needless to say, this makes it easier for others to understand you. This basically means that you get better at relationships with people and can get things you need easier by letting other people know what exactly you want.
2. Writing makes you smarter.
Do you think you need to develop your critical thinking, boost your memory and make your brain work better in general? Writing can do all that! By keeping a diary (a blog, a journal) and expressing what you think and how you feel you can actually grow smarter.
3. You can use writing to heal your body.
One of the recent research has shown that writing about some traumatic experience you had to go through doesn’t just make it easier for you to manage, but in fact boosts your immune system and normalizes blood pressure! Have you ever had this feeling of relief after you shared your sorrows with someone? Writing can do the same… plus, it helps your body fight all kinds of illness.
4. Writing for mental health is a thing.
Expressive writing helps decreasing your stress levels, improving your mood and giving you a feeling of fulfillment (which is great for your self-confidence). Just make it your habit to write about your life’s experiences on a regular basis. And remember: more positive writing means more bigger benefits for health.
All of the above are benefits of expressive writing in a nutshell. In fact, there is so much more writing can do for you! Try not to think of it as a boring job you need to do for a better academic progress. Write regularly; write about your ideas, all the things that you experience during your days, your goals and hopes or just some things you are grateful for — and very soon you will learn to enjoy it. People do tend to enjoy activities that make them feel better, right?
Sure, you can always get some help if you think that your workload is too much for you or that is too hard for you. Yourwriters.net, however, won’t bring you all the benefits we’ve listed here — though it definitely can be of help in case there are too many problems and too little time.

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