Why will GPU password recovery rock your world?

By: Denis Gladysh

GPU password recovery is definitely the hot trend of recent years .

Developers of advanced software like the Passcovery Suite ( http://gpupasswordrecovery.net/ ) claim that GPU computing boosts password recovery speeds by a factor of ten or more .

And they're serious !

How can GPU password recovery possibly be so much faster than using a regular processor ? Let me explain using a simple example .

Imagine that I have one hundred billion envelopes and only one of them contains a check for a million dollars made out to me . The envelopes are identical, and all of them are sealed. How am I supposed to find my check? It would take me more than a lifetime to open all the envelopes ! Even if I ask, my family to help, it would take years of doing nothing but opening envelopes from morning to night to find the million dollar check .

But what if I hire a company with 3,000 employees to open the envelopes and find my check ? Before long I'll be a millionaire !

That's exactly how GPU password recovery works: my family and I are like a multi-core CPU, the company with 3,000 employees is like a GPU system, the envelopes are the passwords to be tested, and the million-dollar
check is the one correct password .

Today, even the least expensive AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards have stream processors that are tens of times faster than the fanciest CPU . That's why GPU password recovery beats using a single processor every time.

Remember that the next time you lose a password .

Always use GPU password recovery for guaranteed top speeds and fast results .

GPU password recovery is available for many of the latest programs and formats (Microsoft Office/OpenOffice documents, Zip/Rar archives, Apple iOS/BlackBerry OS back-ups, TrueCrypt volumes, WPA/WPA2 handshakes) . Choose the right tool for the password recovery job and you're almost there !

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Since 1999 has been involved in solving the lost password problem, is an author of popular password recovering programs, is a co-author of a multiformat GPU password recovery of passwords solution called Passcovery Suite ( gpupasswordrecovery.net )

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