Why there is Need of Sustainable Green Building

By: navjeet kaur

Going green is considered as a latest trend these days which is vastly overrated with different prospects that are healthy living and saving the environment. With the increase in population growth, era of global warming is also increasing because of human activities like cutting of trees which is directly deteriorating the environmental conditions so in order to protect these industries are thinking various steps to preserve environment. So, one of the most inexpensive method is to make all the buildings as green buildings by using various green techniques which not only helps in saving our environment but also enhance living standards.

With every passing day, the need of these buildings arises because the main goal of these buildings is to create less environmental imbalance and thus helps in protecting the environment. The rest of the article is an attempt made to understand the need and importance of sustainable green buildings:

Increase efficiency of a property:
One of the main reasons to opt green buildings is because they are energy efficient houses which are beneficial because it cuts down various expenses from utility bills. Besides using good construction material it also has appropriate design which allows proper ventilation in a house and thus reduces the need of artificial appliances like air conditioners or heaters. This ultimately reduces the cost of electricity bills and also helps the environment in reducing the carbon footprint from the atmosphere.

Helps in conserving resources:
Even during construction of green buildings they are helpful in saving many non renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels, wood which will diminish one day if we constantly using them and you will become liable in depletion of many natural resources. So, in order to avoid such circumstances, use of recycled material is promoted which saves our earth’s natural resources from being depleted.

Promotes healthier surrounding:
Green buildings aim to enhance the living standards of home owners by maintaining the indoor as well as outdoor quality of air. Every toxic component like organic paints is avoided during construction because they are hazardous to the health. While staying in these houses owners will get a sense of satisfaction and moreover increases mental peace which in turn increases their productivity.

Proper waste management:
Construction of these buildings does not pollute the land as well which is essential resource and thus helps in conserving our environment. Even if the solid waste or construction waste is dumped in landfills then also it is easily decomposed because these are non toxic substances and moreover do not cause any harm to the land.

Thus sustainable green buildings are beneficial in every viewpoint either can be economical or environmental. These buildings are designed in such a way that there is minimum uses of artificial appliances and maximum use natural resources like sun which upgrade your living. Green housing aims to make comfortable living in every prospect which can be its appealing look of architecture or its healthier approach to functionality. With the increasing awareness people will choose to stay in green building and thus it will help in ensuring healthy living and in toxic free surrounding.

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