Why the ASUS G74 Notebook Is the Only Gaming Laptop You'll Need

By: David Finn

There are various things to consider when buying a laptop for gaming purposes – from the sheer power it can offer you, to its battery life and customization options, and the possibility for future upgrades. And even though there are plenty of solutions in this niche of the market nowadays, it can still be difficult to make the right choice unless you know all the popular models out there and know exactly what your personal needs are.

If you want to make sure you're getting the best there is right now, the ASUS G74 notebook is quite possibly the best choice you've got – with numerous features that make it a pure mobile powerhouse, as well as various convenient features such as its long battery life, this is really a shining example of how gaming notebooks should be made in general, and what a device of this type should be able to offer you. If you're not sure why the ASUS G74 notebook is your best option in this niche of the market, read on to find out what it can offer you.

Its processor and RAM should be more than enough for all your complex needs – a Core i7 combined with a whole 12 GB of RAM results in capabilities that far outweigh the needs of any "heavy" applications nowadays. And of course, it wouldn't be a proper gaming machine without a heavy-duty video card – which is exactly what you'll get from the GeForce GTX 560M with its 3 GB of video memory – that's more than the RAM some laptops have nowadays, and it's all dedicated to the video card allowing you to play your games with ultra-high detail settings and bump up that texture quality to the absolute limits of the game.

And for those of you with more specialized needs, there's even a variant of the ASUS G74 notebook that features a gaming-grade 3D display compatible with any application on the market right now that features 3D capabilities. The extra cost for the 3D display isn't generally very high either, so you'll definitely want to consider looking into this model if you enjoy truly immersing yourself in your gameplay experience.

There's some room for upgrades left in too – you'd think that with a configuration like that, there's not much higher you can go, but you can still add more RAM, up to a total of 16 GB, and increase the hard drive capacity as well. Speaking of which, you'll get not one but two hard drives of 750 GB each – so even if you have an extensive games collection you can always keep everything installed and up to date, ensuring that your favorite games are always ready and available for you when you feel like playing them. No more finicky space optimization and constant uninstalling of games to clear up space, you can download your entire Steam library and forget about it until you decide to fire up one of the games you haven't touched in a while.

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