Why should you purchase the Fujitsu laptops such as the Lifebook A530 series?

By: Denyse Buckner

In essence, the Fujitsu laptops Lifebook A530 models are among the devices considered the ideal business tools for even the most demanding situations. Granted, the A530 is not the kind of laptop to enable you high end gaming or video processing. Not by a long shot, this line of Fujitsu laptops is designed for reliability, stability and speed whenever you want to connect to the internet via a plethora of means, process documents or transfer files. Therefore, far from criticizing its inability in graphical performance, this review would like to commend Fujitsu on a job well done in creating the ideal office laptop.

First off, when discussing the casing of the Lifebook A530, the first thing users notice is that it is almost entirely fashioned from a slip-proof plastic. While it is true that the non-polished aspect does not make it extremely pleasing to the eye, the effectiveness in providing a secure grip and the resilience to wear and tear are definitely present. Moreover, the tests performed have proven an immense resilience to denting in both the upper and the lower part, as well as for the keys. In fact, two of the most commendable characteristics are the resistance to pressure and the firm hinges that hold the lid and the base together.

Having covered the exterior of these Fujitsu laptops, let us move on to the next section of this review: the display. The anti-glare function is a very welcomed attribute and its implementation is excellent. Even in the sunniest environment, the screen of this laptop did not reflect light. However, the model does not excel at contrast, which let's face it, is a feature proprietary for laptops designed for office use. The diagonal of the A530's display measure 15.6 inches and it is safe to state that the brightness levels is spread consistently throughout it, but it does not excel in terms of viewing angles as any deviation has a relatively noticeable impact on how the colors are portrayed.

However, the good news is that these Fujitsu laptops can be connected to an alternative display device via the RJ, Ethernet, TFT or HDMI ports. On a side note, the HDMI port is optional and if you consider it unnecessary then opting against it is a good means of saving some money on your purchase. Furthermore, the A530 incorporates USB 3.0 ports and firewire. At the same time, connectivity can be achieved via Bluetooth or the Ethernet ports.

The A530 comes with an i3-350M dual core processor with a speed of 2x2.26 Gigahertz and the L2 cache can reach 3 Megabytes. Consequentially, it can be considered quite a potent device for its price range, but one of the downsides resides in the fact that it employs SDRAM and the maximum amount it can house is 4 Gigabytes, although the model does come with 2 Gigabytes RAM by default. On a side note, Windows 7 users should definitely consider the RAM upgrade, especially because the Intel HD video card is integrated. Overall, these Fujitsu laptops can be considered an extremely cost effective solution for any office.

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In this day and age, laptops are very much an integral part of everyday office life so if you are looking for the ideal solutions, Fujitsu laptops are the way to go!

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