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By: Persipidus

Online shopping is quickly becoming the primary method of buying goods and services. The internet offers an almost endless supply of goods at competitive prices.
As retail stores are shutting their doors, online malls are growing rapidly. As this occurs it becoming increasingly difficult to find what you are looking for at retail stores because their inventory is shrinking.
The frustration mounts as people go into a retail stores looking for an item as advertised. When they get to the store they find out the store only carries a limited selection and the rest have to be ordered. I have had this similar experience and was not satisfied with the shopping experience.
I left the store and did what many other have done. I went online and ordered one at a cheaper price. After the order went through the pack was at my door in four days.
It is no wonder that so many stores are failing. In my opinion the customer service levels have dropped considerably as well as store inventory. It is only a matter a time until the stores with bad service and supply close for good; I can name a few however for now, just watch the news.
Internet malls offer just about anything you are looking for; from fragrances, jewelry, apparel to gaming consoles and car parts.
Finding an online mall that offers wholesale pricing is icing on the cake. Most web malls are set up similar to department store or the specialty retail store you are used to. In my opinion why shop anywhere else.
I am sure either you or someone you know does their shopping online. Shopping online can save you from undue stress as well as save you gas. My only suggestion is to research and find the online mall that will suite your needs and can deliver what you are looking for.
As the online shopping experience continues to grow coupled with the poor economy, you will see many more retail stores shut down. With this in mind, be aware that if you purchase a product from a store and it comes with a warranty, be sure that your warranty will be honored if they shutdown. Otherwise you are paying for a warranty in the price that means nothing. Online is the way to go.

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