Why not buy a bigger screen iPhone 6 or 6 plus

By: Chris Cui

These days a smartphone or a cheaper refurbished phone play a big role in our daily life and it change the way we live our life and enrich our life in many levels. In the busily modern life, people seem to have all kind of things to simultaneously, so it is important to have a schedule and to plan things to make your life run smoother and an efficient tool which can manage these stuffs will be a big help. However, the new model is always too expensive and it is not affordable for many people, so in order to enjoy the good feature of the device, seeking for a refurbished iPhone of some old model would be the smart movie that people have low budget should make. And today we will take you look at the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and then you can see whether a refurbished iPhone 6 or refurbished iPhone 6 plus is right for you.

For example, the iPhone 6 use a 12 million pixels camera while other might already use 1.5 million. The resolution and pixel density is lower in comparison to other recent smartphones - including those with the same physical screen size as the iPhone 6. The protruding camera lens which prevents the device from sitting flat and make it more vulnerable to the cracking the screen. User-friendly interface will give you a smooth and easy experience of using this gadget, and streamlined design give it a very gorgeous appearance. And these two design is consist with the fundamental pursuit of Apple: simple and beauty. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen, and it is the first time that Apple lunched its big screen product. Because the bigger screen is what the customer needs for the better enjoyment of the video or the game. Apple just comply with the market. The last but not the least fact that make iPhone a hot sell is the reputation of the Apple and the brand loyalty.

Except for the outer appearance, the developers also have worked hard to upgrade the internal parts. A8 chip they have inbuilt which is more powerful than the previous A7 chip. And it turns out to be much advanced and users can get the fastest processing. Moreover, both the devices can support up to 50-80hours of battery life which is unmatchable battery backups, which can allow you to make his journey enjoyable with such gadgets. These devices can also help in eliminating the fraud transactions as they support fingerprint id or pass code. Thus, users can make the electronic payments without worrying about the fraud transactions.

The most common complaint about iPhone is the battery life. With a wider screen, Apple fans have been concerned that it will lead to faster battery drain in the already short lived battery of their phones. Apple has been silent about what sort of battery is in their new phones, but they have pumped out some statistics. The average battery life of the previous phone was around 10 hours, however, that is what you are going to get in the iPhone 6 as well and it is not that bad considering the bigger screen, but it is also not better either. While you may find some surprise on the plus side, the iPhone 6 plus is boasting a 16 hour battery life.

As we can see from the above, an iPhone 6 or plus is still a better choice because of its exquisite outlook and powerful function. All the good features and the gorgeous outlook make it really attempting to have one instantly. Since it is out of date for a while, and assuming that you still want one, but now the best option for you is to buy a refurbished one online. moreover, the added benefit would be the discounted price which is always welcomed.

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