Why do you need Customer Service Software?

By: Rakesh Kumar

You might be asking this question many a time to your service team members and still remaining puzzled, looking for an answer which you may buy and move forward. Situation looks bizarre but it is the truth. While your team members may not be wholly responsible, there are common industry perceptions and convictions which prevail over their mind and ultimately make them indecisive. Some of them which most of us can recall in a flash of moments include service is a liability, service is an unwanted cost center, service should be a profit center, service is a neglected function, service professionals are not at par with the sales professionals, service is the last priority, service should not be offered to the customers, so on and so forth.

The question again remains the same: “Why do you need a Customer Service Software?” My Dear friends, service is service and it is an integral part of any product offering. So putting it in simple terms, where these is a product, there is customer service and when there is customer service, it is pertinent to have a customer service process and therefore in order to implement, track and control the customer service process you need a customer service software. The only difference lies in the way service is offered, the touch-points it involves and the service cycle followed by various organizations.

Before, you get bored and distracted reading about why service function should co-exist with other core business functions, let me quickly tell you some of the most obvious benefits of having an effective customer service software which we eventually miss-out while making the service blueprint and related decisions at the top of the pyramid.

  • Helps create a uniform & systematic customer service process in the organization

  • Provides a tool which can make everyone adhere to the processes with guaranteed performance.

  • Empowers the top management with a “One Stop View of Overall Service Operations”

  • Helps to maintain checks & balances in order to improve customer service performance.

  • Minimizes the risk of revenue leakages happening due to fake part claim & service claims.

  • Helps track Turn-Around-Time [TAT] of Service Centers and Help-Desk Centers.

  • Helps analyze the Product Performance/Failure Rate & Reasons.

  • Helps maximize resource utilization & productivity in real-time.

  • Helps keep control over spares/inventory & maintain minimum stock level [MSL].

  • Enables better decision making while rewarding/penalizing service partners/resources by providing accurate performance measurement.

  • Enables effective service claim calculation and timely payouts/settlement.

  • Reduces chance of repeat calls for same fault.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction level with a systematic approach to customer service.

  • Enhances customer loyalty resulting into repeat & new businesses.

  • Provides right platform to scale-up/scale-down service operations as per the business dynamics.

  • Lowers Customer Service cost due to operational efficiency and innovative ways of service offerings.

  • Keeps your business a step ahead of your competition in terms of after-sales service offering.

  • Provides useful insights about future product enhancements & new launches with the help of historic performance analysis.

  • Many more reasons.

Hope I have been able to do some justice in providing quick reference points which can be used to work around while deciding about customer service software without getting puzzled and embarrassed by the answers which are not substantive & logical but just answers. Stay connected.

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Rakesh Kumar is an After-sales Service Process Optimization Expert and associated with Zed-Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd & Zed-Service? - A 360 Degree Equipment Maintenance Software - one of the flagship products of Zed-Axis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. For any query/feedback on Service Management Software, Please visit www.service-management-software.net now!

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