Why do we need Search Engine Optimization?

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Putting aside the technicalities; a website is a promotional vehicle on the web which endorses client's business. Now, there are billions of webpages on the web conforming to the same idea of improving their market share in the virtual world. This gives rise to the competition between various players offering similar services which has necessitated the development and improvement of services offered on the web. On an average, 80% of online traffic is driven by search engines like google, yahoo and msn and 50% of buyers search for products on search engines before purchase. Therefore it becomes critical for online businesses to show-up on search engines for search terms related to their products and services.

In order to understand the benefits of SEO let's delve into the intricacies of the definition below and the ancillary procedures involved which help in preparing the ground for the websites.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is a comprehensive exercise of customizing and retooling a website so that it achieves sustained high rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

A critical analysis of a website may be helpful in ascertaining the nature of optimization required by the website. The SEO exercise is just not limited to the factors which affect the website directly (the on-page and off-page factors) but also factors which determine the efficacy of the website to the visitors and the search engines alike.
To make it simpler let's divide it into two perspectives:

ptimizing the website for the Visitors: In addition to the website optimization for search engines, the website must cater, more importantly to the needs of visitors. Since a website endorses the clients business on the web and there is a lot of time and investment made to feature the website on the search engines, it is rather important to make the visitor realize the offerings being made to him. If the website's architecture (design and navigation) are not user- friendly then it may turn out to be a zero-sum-game as the visitor may leave the website even before reading anything. The Return-on-Investment goes for toss.

Website Optimizing for Search Engines: It is important to optimize the website from search engine point of view as they serve as a platform where the website has to fare. It involves adhering to certain norms and standards to make a level playing field for all. Therefore, it is important to employ all the ethical seo techniques and dessist from any malafide intent. Most websites on the web are not search engine friendly which hurts their chances of showing up on the SERPs.

Now it is a little easier to comprehend the benefits of optimizing a website as the answer lies in the convergence of the above mentioned two perspectives coupled with custom needs of a website which caters to the client's business and deriving mileage out of resources invested. SEO is a foundation level optimization only. It sets the basics right. The benefits may be summarized as:

The website becomes Search Engine Friendly. In essence, all known search engine crawler roadblocks are removed or minimized, which hinder the search engines to index the site.

The website is likely to get indexed deeper by search engines. That means that more number of pages would get indexed across more search engines.

The website is free of any black-hat / unethical SEO techniques / Spam and will not be a candid ate for penalty by search engines.

The website and its optimized pages would have increased relevance to the selected keyword phrases.

The site would initially start ranking for low competition keywords as and when the site is re-indexed in the search engine database. It may take as long as 3 to 6 months for this to happen.

The SEO work would not clear the websites' previous search engine penalties (if any). However if the website is under penalty, after optimization the website is ready for filing an appeal with the search engine in question to remove past penalties.

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