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Sunglasses made of different materials serve different purposes. For example, sport sunglasses have a durable, lightweight construction while designer sunglasses emphasize style over function. When comparing sunglasses, look at lens materials, lens color, and sunglass frame construction.
Sunglass lens materialsSunglass lenses are usually made of glass, plastic, or polycarbonate. Glass sunglass lenses: Glass lenses are heaviest and offer the best clarity.Plastic sunglass lenses: Plastic lenses are lightweight and are found in most brands but can be prone to scratches.Polycarbonate sunglass lenses: Polycarbonate lenses are very strong and shatter resistant.
Sunglass lens colors
Sunglass lenses come in a variety of colors, with black being the most common. Different colors offer different protection or vision enhancements.
Grey sunglass lenses: Grey lenses cut light without distorting colors.
Brown and green sunglass lenses: Brown lenses and green lenses offer some contrast enhancements and minimal color distortion.
Red sunglass lenses: Red lenses offer more contrast enhancement but greater distortion.
Orange and yellow sunglass lenses: Orange lenses and yellow lenses offer the most color contrast and depth perception.
Clear sunglass lenses: Clear lenses do not dim light but can offer UV protection.
Sunglass frame construction Sunglass frames are often made of metal, nylon, or plastic.
Metal-frame sunglasses: Sunglasses with a metal frame are strong but rigid. They can break or bend permanently if you twist them.
Nylon-frame sunglasses: Nylon frames, often used in sport sunglasses, are lightweight, strong, and flexible.
Plastic-frame sunglasses: Inexpensive plastic frames are lightweight, strong, and flexible. A rubber coating on the bridge and earpieces of sunglass frames allow sunglasses to remain positioned on your face.
A rubber coating on the bridge and earpieces of sunglass frames allow sunglasses to remain positioned on your face.Sunglasses with certain features protect your eyesight and can allow you to see more clearly.
Ultra-violet sunglass protection: Most sunglasses offer UV protection that helps protect your eyes against permanent sun damage and cataracts. Sunglasses that meet recommended standards for UV protection offer at least 60% UVA protection and at least 70% UVB protection. Many experts suggest shooting for more than 98% UV protection. Some sunglass labels may say UV absorption up to 400nm, which is equivalent to 100% UV protection. The UV protective coating is applied to sunglass lenses during the manufacturing process and lens tint does not affect the strength of UV protection. Fortunately, UV protection isnt tied to price tags, so designer and drugstore models can both offer complete UV protection. Keep in mind that while more expensive brands tend to come with 100% UV protection, its not a given. Check the label or item information before purchasing.
Polarization: Polarized sunglass lenses reduce light that comes from a reflective surface such as snow or water. They also filter some of the diffused light scattered by our atmosphere.
Mirrored sunglass lenses: Mirrored sunglass lenses have a highly reflective surface that will filter some light. Reflective lenses come in a variety of colors to appeal to your sense of style.
Scratch-resistant sunglass lenses: Scratch-resistant plastic sunglass lenses and polycarbonate sunglass lenses have more durability than untreated lenses. Naturally scratch-resistant glass sunglass lenses can also come with a scratch-resistant coating that adds extra protection.
High-contrast sunglass lenses: Orange sunglass lenses and yellow sunglass lenses offer contrast filtering, which aids in depth perception. They distort color, however, and might not be suitable for driving.
Prescription sunglasses: Prescription sunglasses enable you to enjoy outdoor activities and sports while maintaining good vision. Some prescription sunglasses even transition from indoor to outdoor.

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