Why are gold men's necklaces attractive?

By: Tiimo C Kuchar

When it comes to style and sophistication, you'll find that there are plenty of reasons why a man should wear gold. Gold is really a metal that suits men, and not only is it a great sign of wealth and taste, you'll find that it really suits a wide variety of people. It has a lot of symbolism, meaning and history behind it, and there are plenty of reasons why you might want to wear gold or to buy some for your man!
*Gold is valuable; we all know that, but have you ever thought of why? Consider the metal on its own for a moment. It is malleable, it is imperishable, it is chemically inert, and soft, all of which makes it a prime candidate for being fashioned into something beautiful. The high shine of gold can make the wearer stand out, and it is not often that we see people who wear it with grace and dignity. We know that women wear jewelry, but the truth is that this is a new development. Historically, men love jewelry as much as women do, and men who know what they are doing can make it look good.
*It also has a lot of history behind it. Consider all the time that you have heard about gold being used as a religious symbol or as an offering. Gold makes us think of things like golden calves, sanctuaries, gifts, tabernacles and covenants.
*Besides its powerful role in religion, it also served as a unit of trade that everyone could get behind. Rome, Greece and Byzantium all used it, whether in the form of gold coins or gold bars, but it made trade a lot more common.
* Religion, economy, gold's power and influence did not just stop there. Gold also became a power behind the waging of wars. An example of this was when European economies discovered gold in the New World, Spain became a big importer of gold and it also gave it the power to wage a series of wars against its European neighbors. Not left out, Asia too discovered gold as European gold was used to trade for Asia's spices, tea, silk and other luxuries.
As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you will want to look into gold and what makes it attractive. It really is a status symbol, and it is one that is craved by many people. When you want to show off your cash or you are just looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, consider what gold men's necklaces you can find.
In addition to this, you'll find that there are also a lot of gold necklaces to choose from. Are you interested in the classy 22" 14k Men's Link Necklace, which is made of 14 karat polised yellow gold? It weighs in at 19.0 grams and has a good lobster claw clasp. This necklace gleams around your neck and gives you respect and attention from all around. Also look at the 14k gold Mariner Necklace which comes in 18", 20" and 24" inch lengths. The 18 inch version of this necklace weights in at 10.3 grams, is 5 mm wide, and has a sturdy lobster claw clasp.
Other gold men's necklaces are the 14k Gold Unique Anchor Link Necklace, the Squared Off 14k Gold Byzantine Link Necklace, the 14k 22" Men's Yellow Gold Figaro Necklace and more chain necklaces.
Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be; gold is for men, so see if you are up to wearing it!

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Tiimo B Kuchar has been around since 1969. He was always interested in gold and precious metals. He studied many different races as a history major in college and saw many different approaches to mens necklaces. You can look at his website to see an interesting selection.

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