Why and How to Choose a Criminal Lawyer in Hawaii for an Appeal?

By: Steve Cedillos

You might have gone through a criminal trial that ended in conviction. You should not get disappointed thinking your journey into the legal system of Hawaii is over, because you still can appeal the conviction with the help of a qualified criminal lawyer. If your conviction is not correct, for any legal or procedural reason, you need to consult with a professional criminal lawyer in Honolulu, HI as early as possible. Whether any unexpected error has taken place during the trial or some potentially favorable evidence has been left out, a local criminal attorney can help you file your appeal properly and assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome.

What actually is an Appeal?

An appeal should not be misunderstood as an option to revive the facts testified to during the trial. It is a different process from the trial.

In reality, an appeal is the legal practice of challenging the court order or judgment on the basis of some legal grounds. It is never a rehearing or retrial of the testimony offered in the court during the trial. Rather, it is a process of the written "arguments" filed by lawyers on both sides of the appeal. For example, a defendant challenging a sentence or conviction files an opening brief in the court, arguing why and how the sentence was legally unfair or erroneous. In reply, the government files its own brief to explain why the sentence should be sustained.

Why Choose a Criminal Lawyer in Honolulu, HI for Appeal?

You may feel frustrated, especially when the judgment in the trial court does not go in your favor. However, your criminal case does not have to end here. Some of the time, procedural or legal errors occurred in your trial, which sometimes can be rectified or reduced on appeal in consultation with an experienced criminal lawyer in Hawaii.

Choosing the right criminal lawyer in Honolulu can be crucial to prevail on appeal. As you go on to make a choice , there are a few things to take care of. When the case goes to the court for trial the judge/jury considers the evidence submitted, and makes a finding only after evaluating the reliability of the witnesses. As the same case goes to a higher court on an appeal, factual concerns and witness reliability are not the issue. (no fresh witnesses or evidence are included). Your appeal focuses on legal issues and procedural errors and omissions during the trial. Due to this, an appeal can mean a case that the trial court has handled in a wrong way, and Hawaii law always has a remedy at your disposal with your right to appeal. Hence it is necessary to choose a criminal lawyer in Hawaii who thoroughly understands the law and has hands on experience on appeal matters. Such a professional will be able to represent you in dealing with the authentic and delicate nuances existing within the legal system that might work in your favor.

How to Choose a Criminal Lawyer in Hawaii for Appeal?

Once you decide to go for an appeal, the next step is to find a competent criminal lawyer in Hawaii to handle it for you. The best possible outcome can be ensured by the criminal lawyer in Honolulu, HI having the skill, experience and credential to manage the job skillfully.

During your initial consultation with the criminal lawyer in Honolulu, you need to do a lot more than discussing your criminal case. You will have to check out the lawyer's background, work experience, expertise, success record and more.

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