Why You Want Polarized Sunglasses. Check This Article Out!

By: Shawn Grant

If you love water sports or if you occupy most of your time outside, polarized sunglasses are perfect for you.

So, why?
Normally, when a light beam is reflected, it is dispersed in all kinds of directions. Nonetheless, if the light is reflected from different surfaces like a thruway or moving water, the light waves align horizontally and inflicts a strong light or glare that can be , irritating to the eyes, and potentially hazardous. Polarized lenses have filters and vertically oriented transmission axis that limit these horizontally dispersed light waves and therefore, decreases glare. If the user moves their head, the polarized lenses continue to limit the glare because the line connected to the temples is still horizontally oriented. Polarized lenses also haze to further precise vision. They are essential for:

1. Fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts
Polarized lenses once were liked only by fishermen, anglers, and boat owners. But its ability to considerably decrease the blinding effects of glare made it the lens of choice among drivers, boat owners, hikers, joggers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, golfers, and other hobbyists today. Without question, their sales have rocketed over the past five years. In fact, among the various groups of eyewear, polarized lenses are acknowledged as the fastest advancing, regarding sales.

2. Those with sensitivity to light
Aside from their usefulness outside, polarized sunglasses are also beneficial to those people who are getting back from eye procedures like cataract surgery. Post-eye surgery patients are extremely light- sensitive even when they are inside so having polarized sunglass lenses is helpful. In addition, outdoorsy people with presbyopia or age-related blurry vision can avail of polarized bifocal sunglasses while those whose eyes are easily strained by light can occupy polarized photochromic lenses if they have to be spending most of their time in the sun most days.

Of course, wearing polarized sunglasses have several drawbacks. If you are commuting, for example, you can chance blind spots and reduced visibility of LCD readouts since polarized filters respond with tinted glass. You may also have minor difficulties seeing the LCD screen of your mobile phone, GPS device, and instrument panels of watercrafts and airplanes. Polarized sunglass lenses are also not recommended when you are snowboarding downhill because you might not be able to see the light shinning from icy patches that can alert you of near approaching hazards.
However, in most outside conditions, using polarized sunglass lenses are advantageous both in guarding your eyes and in enabling you to appreciate your outdoor recreations to the fullest.

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