Why You Want Good Balance at the Top of the Swing in Golf

By: Mick Taite

One of the most important things a golfer needs to obtain in their game is balance and tempo in the golf swing. The top of the swing is one of the most central parts of the swing, therefore in the event you don't have the top of the swing correct your whole golf swing is going to be off plus your game will suffer as a consequence.

In reality, there is really no absolute top, when you consider that everything which is moving in a single upward and backward direction reaches its limit at the same time after which it starts to move forward and down simultaneously.

Still, in the game of golf the top of the swing is considered to be the point where your golf swing is at its highest, right before you swing it back down to hit the ball. Obviously, it is determined by the type of swing you use and also your mobility limit. For example, if you use the full swing then the top will be when your golf club is parallel to the ground and facing the target and when you've got a strong swing you will even take it back past parallel. Some golfers use a short backswing and so the top will probably be when the left arm is parallel to the ground.

One of the things that you can do at the top of the golf swing is pause for a split second. Instead of just swinging back and then speeding into the downswing, you want to pull your club back and hold it at the top just for a moment, and then smoothly begin the downswing.

You don't want to stand there for a very long time pausing at the top of the swing of course, but you do want to hold it there for merely a split second. This is when good balance is essential or else you will be stuttering at the top and then you definately will never be able to get the golf club back square to the ball at impact.

Balance also comes into play in the set up position and the follow through as well as at the top. Great balance is acquired through a suitable warm-up before playing, working on your flexibility, and on strengthening your golf specific muscles.

Using Golf Swing Aids

A further helpful idea is to utilize golf swing aids. These will help to improve your golf swing which as a result will appreciably improve your general golf game. The principal thing is that you select the most effective golf swing aid, since there are many on the market to select from and so you should make sure that you are choosing one which is going to be effectual and work for you.

You can check out your local golf or sports supply store who ought to offer at least a remotely decent number of these training aids that you can choose from. There are probably more options at the assorted online golf stores, so be sure to check them out too. Make sure that you take a bit of time to see what exactly is available and be able to choose which might be the best for yourself and allow you to to concentrate on the areas that require improvement.

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