Why You Should Outsource Cold Calling Efforts

By: Michael Sutanto

Many business owners think about making calls to other businesses to promote their company, but how many think to outsource cold calling? Most of them don't realize that there is certainly an art involved in cold calling, so it just make sense to outsource it. So what can you expect when you outsource cold calling to a quality company? Here are several reasons you should take the leap.

Experience – The number one reason you should definitely outsource cold calling is because of the experience level you get with a professional sales company. Are your employees experienced in cold calling? At most companies, they are not, and cold calling is entirely different than other forms of marketing. You can't expect that your leading salesperson will be able to turn cold calls into serious leads because that likely won't happen. It takes years of experience to gain the knowledge about what works.

Research–Before you should begin cold calling, it's important that you research the various companies that you intend to call. You need to know the details about who to call, what time to call, etc. All of these factors make a big difference in whether you are successful or not. Most employers do not have the time or the knowledge to be able to research intelligently ahead of their cold calling, so leave it to the professionals to handle the research in addition to the cold calling itself.

Time – No business owner can afford to let his or her employees take time away from their regular tasks. There are always things to be doing in any business, and you can't operate your business if your employees are all tied up on the phone doing something they don't have the training or skills to be successful at. And you yourself certainly don't have the time to be doing it either. You have much more important things to do, so you should outsource cold calling and leave it to the professionals.

Results–Cold calling is a very delicate form of marketing because most people don't want to receive phone calls from someone or some business they don't know. It takes a certain skill and level of training to be able to not only call someone they don't know, but also to get them to listen to what they have to say and even become a solid sales lead. You will see much better results if you outsource cold calling and let the professionals take care of it for you.

Return on investment – Because you get better results from having a professional handle your cold calling, you'll see a much greater investment. Do the math quickly to see how much you would pay your employees to handle cold calls. Then compare that number with the amount quoted to you by a quality cold calling company. Next ask the company what their average rate is for turning cold calls into real leads. You'll find that their percentage will be much higher than what you can expect your employees to do, and you'll get many more leads for your money.

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