Why You Should Eat Organic Foods

By: George B. Siba

Organic foods have strict guidelines that prohibit the use of any fertilizers for the soil, herbicides to manage weeds, synthetic pesticides for the bugs or antibiotics and hormones for their livestock. This can mean higher costs; you can pay much more for organic foods compared to conventional foods.
The guidelines are higher for organic growers, the prices reflect the higher standards and most of the time so does the quality. These foods are going to taste a whole lot better than those that have been grown with all sorts of man made chemicals.
You pay a higher cost for higher quality foods that are much healthier and taste better. Then why would you even think about eating anything less than organic foods?
I think it is worth it, and if you are a vegetarian you do not pay as much for food to begin with. You can feast on healthy organic food and still not pay as much for food as meat eaters. No chemicals touch organic foods, they for the most part have a higher vitamin and mineral content. The best part is they taste better. That alone makes organic food a better choice despite the extra cost.
Many of our foods such as corn, tomatoes and green peppers are made with genetically modified organisms (GMO). Plants are bred by changing their genetic makeup, often with the incorporation of just one gene. Pest-resistant GMO corn is laced with bacteria and insect DNA; tomatoes are laced with the DNA of a trout to make them more resistant to cooler weather and able to withstand heavy doses of pesticides. There are no long term tests for the effects of GMO foods on humans in general and especially growing children and fetuses.
Look around your grocery store and health foods store, you will find a wide assortment of organic foods. There are many more places to buy them that there once was. Most supermarkets are carrying more organic brands. One of the best places to find a good selection of organic fruits and vegetables are farmer's markets, community agriculture programs and co-ops.
If you care about the environment then you will be glad to know that eating organic helps the earth. The less chemicals and pesticides, are used the better off we all are.
Organic foods are the way to go when you want to live a healthier life. The benefits are worth the extra effort and price. When you are eating organic, then you are eliminating all the additives in your food. It is not easy to do this one hundred percent but the more you can do it the better it is for you and your family.

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