Why You Should Choose Voice Biometric Solutions

By: Michiel Van Kets

Managing a call centre is no easy task and the management's main objectives should be focused on providing a quality service by integrating a self-service system that can deal with customers' quickly and effectively, resulting in a remarkable improvement in customer services and increased customer satisfaction.

If your business is suffering from loss of sales opportunities due to frustrated customers hanging up when they are put on hold for long periods, or because they can't get through due to the large volume of calls being received, then sophisticated call centre software can assist. Invest in a system and you'll soon see the number of abandoned calls reduced and achieve more successful completions, an objective every business should be trying to attain.

Speech solutions are the answer to your business running a lot more competently as they promote an excellent client interface within their systems. An insightful analysis highlights the problems with the customer process in use at present, and a solution is devised using these results as to the types of applications that will allow the business to run more effectively through facilitating speech recognition, voice biometrics and related communication tools.

Every business has different needs and whilst some may necessitate a complete overhaul in the way their communication systems are organized, others will only require an addition to their existing systems. Once the update has been completed everyone will benefit from the new, improved experience and achieve a superior level of security.

Voice solutions mean the end of long hold times for callers, waiting on the end of the phone to talk to a call centre agent is frustrating and maddening and won't do a business any favours. Now, instead of having to listen carefully and push the right buttons to get through to the department they want, it's simply a matter of saying what they want. Employ the latest speech recognition and communications technology results in increased caller satisfaction and saves your own staff having to deal with repetitive phone queries.

Speech recognition technology works by asking the caller to speak in a natural and unrestrained style in reply to a simple opening type question. The system listens, interprets, and if it needs to will also ask further questions to clarify. The tone is all very natural and simple to use. Callers will then be connected to the appropriate department or agent with the necessary skills to deal with the query.

The latest technology is voice biometric which works on the premise that every individual has their own voice pattern, much in the way we all have our own fingerprint pattern, however the voice is even more unique with over a hundred different characteristics to distinguish it. The many physical workings of a human throat and mouth generate a distinctive sound which can be analysed, measured and stored as an individuals voice print, the safest method of verifying someone's identity when it comes to using nothing more than a telephone.

Using voice biometric security as a form of identification is set up by taking a sample of speech, analyzing it and entering it into a complex algorithm, this output is then encrypted and stored safely away. To authenticate an identity, a second sample of speech is analysed and the procedure repeated, if the two results match then the identity can be validated.

There is another level to the process to prevent fraudsters from using voice recordings to get what they want, the liveliness test asks the caller to repeat a random phrase or sequence of numbers, if the voice is recorded then the fraud would be picked up here.

Voice Biometrics are the answer to a safe and low profile approach of confirming identities, all it involves for the enrolment or verification stages is the caller to speak normally. Voice recognition is an easy and simple system with no passwords or PIN to memorise and, as we all have unique voice patterns, fraud is practically eliminated.

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Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Salmat Speech Solutions, a company that focuses on providing voice recognition solutions that enable organisations to enhance consumer experience, improve efficiency and increase revenues. Find out about their voice solutions and biometric security today.

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