Why You Need Spyware Blockers

By: Ethan Luke

Spyware is a computer software that is illegally loaded onto a computer via the internet and transmits information illegally to a third party, who usually have malicious intent. In rare cases, spyware can be beneficial for a marketer who wants to sell their products and services with targeted information. In any case, spyware is an intrusion on oneís privacy and are harmful to the users: stealing information from users, such as computer search behavior and financial passwords.

In cases such as marketing spyware, the users of the spyware only monitors the usersí searches in order to get better research for campaign decisions. A sure sign that this has happened to you is when you visit a site, the banner ads refer to products or services specifically in your city or town. Either way, any spyware on a computer will slow down the functioning speed of the computer and in some cases crash the computer all together.

Most spyware take a ride in freeware or shareware. When you install a free software or freeware from the internet, the spyware downloads with it and ride for free onto your computer, without your knowledge. They can also ride on music and video downloads, as well as cookies from spammy websites. The only manifestation of its presence in your system is when it slows down in booting or in some cases crashes your computer. If you own a PC and you start getting pop-ups every time you get online, you are infected.

Types of Spyware

To understand what to do when spyware find its way in your computer, you have to know what are the types of spyware and what they can do to you.


Adware are very common spyware programs. They are popular with advertisers because they show advertisements through banners and pop-ups. But pop-ups are very annoying to the user because they slow down the computer and irritate the user by impeding the internet experience.


Keyloggers spy on your computer by monitoring and storing whatever you type, including email addresses and passwords. They save any information they collect in a log file and send it to a receiver. Because of this log and the data being sent to a third party, marketers can send advertisements and offers to the userís email. In other cases, the logs received helps marketers spy on their competitors because through the log file, they will know what websites you visit and what products you may be interested in purchasing.

Browser Hijackers

Browser Hijackers are malicious spyware that modifies your system and forces the web browser to go to advertisements or websites that you would not normally go to. They work through an error code that instead of giving an error messages leads you to a certain webpage.


Cookies are technically considered spyware. They track and store your data without your knowledge. While some cookies may not be harmful, the fact that your information is stored in one location and thus give third parties access to your username, email address, location including password and credit card information, they can sometime be harmful in the end.

Spyware are generally harmful and annoying to users and thus you may need to use spyware blockers to ensure that you will not be affected by harmful spywares. There are legitimate spyware blockers out there that are efficient and easy to use, such as Spyware Doctor, that will find even the smartest rogue anti-spyware. With Spyware Doctor you will be able to password protect your entire computer and your favorite websites. Spyware Doctor will identify spyware, spam emails and eliminate the threat before it infects your computer.

Spyware Doctor is an anti-spyware program that will give you the confidence and privacy that you need when conducting business. There is no need to worry about which anti-spyware programs are right for you. Spyware Doctor will ensure you will be able to once again relax and enjoy your time on the computer without the fear of infection or identity theft.

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