Why You Don't Need A Date To Rock The Prom

By: Gen Wright

Your prom night should be the best night of your high school life. Whether you get to experience it as a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior, or only in the last two years of school, it is the moment where you get to dress up in the prettiest of gowns, have your makeup fixed by a professional, and spend the rest of your time having fun with friends and dancing on into the night. But typically when one readies herself for the prom, she does so with a specific date in mind. However, there are ways that you can rock the prom without the accompaniment of a date and still have the time of your life.

Consider Going with Friends

A small group of girlfriends going to the prom together can have just as much if not more fun than the traditional boy girl couple. The fact that you have the confidence and self assurance to go as friends and show your solidarity will bring energy to the event, and it will be infectious to other prom goers, who may or may not have dates. If going this route, you may even wish to rent a limousine and split the cost among however many of you that there are. Or, you could meet at one beautiful location in town or close to your neighborhood, so that there is a common point where your ride - whether it's a limo or not - can take you to the event.

Go Single

If you don't want the angst and the pressure of a date to unfold on your prom night, you may simply wish to attend stag, or single. Just make sure that if you do choose this route, you don't draw the wrong kind of attention to yourself. Instead of emphasizing your situation by remaining alone and off to yourself all night, you should make a point of asking friends to dance and getting involved in the night's festivities. Doing so will send a message to others that you know who you are, and there is nothing wrong with occasionally bucking the system and forging your own memories without the help of another.

Find a Function

Do you have any special talents that people will appreciate? Would you prefer to simply hang back as a server? Giving yourself something to do that emphasizes a talent or keeps you in your comfort zone is a great jumping off point for having the kind of prom night that you want without the pressure and expectations.

If you are ready for prom, but no one has asked you yet, don't worry about it either way. Maybe you have a date, maybe you don't. Regardless, you can still have fun.

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