Why Wordpress is Considered the Best CMS

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Couple of days back, something funny happened. A toddler mixed up Volkswagen with Wordpress due to the similarity in their logos. His father said that the former storms the road while the latter rocks the web. Funny, isn’t it? But fun apart, what we get here is an idea about the effectiveness of Wordpress, that too from a layman.

Most of us are familiar with what Wordpress is. It is an open source blogging platform and a content management system. But what makes it so widely discussed? In the present article, we are going to discuss why Wordpress is considered an indispensable tool for scoring high on the web. The main parameters to judge its performance would be its being an effective blogging platform, comparison with other CMSs, and efficiency in online businesses.

1. A helpful blogging platform

Technical complicacies while setting up a blogging account is what amateur bloggers fear most. But Wordpress literally nullifies this fear. The user interface and installation of Wordpress are fairly simple and on top of that, RSS feeds will automatically get updated with posting of a new blog.

Another very significant feature of Wordpress, which even some of its competitors lack, is customization. Bloggers can use ‘Categories’ to customize their posts. Other platforms require them to manually customize their posts whereas on Wordpress, these are inbuilt. This is one of the reasons why Wordpress is so popular amongst bloggers.

2. A useful tool for online business

Now it might intrigue you, how come an open source platform leverage online business? The reasons are derivative; the success of any online business venture relies on cost effectiveness, user-friendliness, SEO compatibility, diversity in themes and level of interaction. Wordpress facilitates each of these areas.

A Wordpress based website requires less set up cost. Running the website is also not at all difficult. Wordpress has heaps of plug-ins and inbuilt features to offer a website better placement on search engines. A chief reason why Wordpress is handy is the presence of several themes, which determine the layout and navigation of websites. Finally, blogs are considered pivotal tool for affiliate marketing and Wordpress offers communication tools for blogs along with comment and registration plug-ins.

In this way, Wordpress based websites begin with an upper hand when it comes to business online.

3. Comparison with other content management systems

To understand why Wordpress is better than other CMSs, it is first important to comprehend that not everyone is a techie. Users, who are not much tech-savvy, seek to find a platform which will provide them with readymade features.

Now let us elaborate this point; Joomla is also a CMS, but many of its tools are not as effectual as that of Wordpress. When adding an image or video into a post on Joomla, users don’t get much support of inbuilt features. Nevertheless, Wordpress makes it all easy for them. Furthermore, be it a product or service, a website to promote it requires few basic pages like the contact page, about us page, service page etc. The preexisting themes and plug-ins on Wordpress let users built all of them by just clicking few times along with offering them a dedicated blog page.

So, it’s evident now why Wordpress is all the rage these days. It facilitates websites and blog owners like no other tool on the web do.

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