Why Wooden Toys Won’t Give You Any Woes

By: Florence Jones

Long before there were Lego building bricks, Angry Birds and Furby interactive stuffed toys, there were wooden blocks, puzzles, pull-along wagons/carts and kitchen play sets. Long before kids pressed “start” to play, they assembled and built, pushed or pulled and basically played pretend.

While V-Tech and LeapFrog toys improved or enhanced childrens’ mental and motor skills, most parents feel that nothing else quite brings out the imagination and creativity of their children like wooden toys because with these, there’s no button to press so that it will start to move, light up or play sounds. It encourages children to make up their own moves, make their own sounds and generally lose themselves in fantasy and dreams which is good because it brings out their creative skills. You can view Janod toy to see examples of classic wooden toys styled for today’s generation of kids.

The benefits of wooden toys are often overlooked, mainly because kids today are so engrossed with high-tech toys. Parents are concerned because while they seem to be enjoying themselves, it also seems to create a wall so that the child becomes withdrawn instead of being able to openly interact with other playmates as what playing outdoors will do.

Children learn about the world and the people who live in it through the toys they play and nothing teaches them about the world better than wooden toys, especially those made by Janod. It is through playing with these toys that the child develops their social skills, personal values and attitudes because they manipulate the toys themselves and are inspired to come up with situations that involve them and the toys as the main characters. They learn how to deal with problems, but at the same time develop their other skills as well like spatial reasoning and motor skills. Through wooden kitchen sets for instance, they understand what it feels like to be Mommy and be hard at work caring for the family or how it feels like to be Daddy at work with their DIY wooden tool trolleys. Find Janod toys in limetreekids.com.au to begin the learning process early.

The making of wooden toys is something that goes back centuries. In the old days, children made do with toys that their parents made for them and often, the toys would be handcrafted and painted with intricate details that gave them a whimsical appeal. Plus, the fact that the toys were made of wood meant that they were durable and of high-quality unlike their cheap plastic counterparts. And unlike their cheap plastic counterparts, wooden toys don’t contain toxic chemicals like lead so parents can safely let their babies and toddlers play with them.

The good news is that wooden toys these days are made with eco-friendly materials so that you can also help save the environment when you buy these instead. Wooden toys these days are made from sustainable wood, as well as organic and natural fibres like wool and cotton, They are made from recycled rubber trees grown from plantation timbers or from remnant woods which means no trees were cut down just so they could be made. Check Janod here and discover how they make their wooden toys that they create with learning in mind and to inspire the awakening of your child’s senses.

If you’re a parent who is constantly around kids who play with high tech noise, you’ll probably already be worn out from the high-decibel noises they make that may amuse children to no end but can be so distracting at times you are tempted to take out the batteries just to enjoy some peace and quiet. Well, wooden toys are not going to annoy or distract you one bit since they require no batteries and you’ll be amused no end by your kids’ making sounds and noises to go along with his playing.

The thing about wooden toys is that they help kids develop their cognitive abilities because kids are encouraged to use their imagination to come up with situations that relates to the toys. They also provide a tactile experience that allows them to touch, feel, explore and appreciate the efforts that went into making those wooden toys they now hold in their hands. You can never go wrong with wooden toy and they’ll never give you or your pocket any woes. Visit http://www.limetreekids.com.au/ and check out wooden Janod toys that your kids can enjoy for a long, long, time to come.

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For durable wooden toys any child would love to have, view website and find Janod toys in limetreekids.com.au that are traditional and timeless in appeal but affordable in price. Check them out now and let your child wander and frolic in the land of pure imagination and creativity.

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