Why Use a Firewall UTM Appliance and a Vulnerability Scanner in Your Network of Computers

By: Adrian Rocker

If you have a computer network which is also connected to internet it is a must for you to provide adequate protection from outside attacks caused by hackers. You also need to stop malware, spyware and viruses from entering your network. The best option you have in order to do so is to add a firewall utm appliance into your system. It is able to filter any harmful computer programs and prevent them from entering your network. For any such harmful computer programs to enter your computer system it has to find a weak point in the system. In order to find if your network has such points you could use a vulnerability scanner also.

A firewall utm appliance is a piece of hardware that could be attached to your computer system through which it connects to the internet. Even companywide intranet networks could be protected with this highly cost effective solution. Similarly the weak points in intranet networks could be scanned by a vulnerability scanner. It is able to create malware like software and send them all over the network to check its vulnerability. In case any patches are detected the repair could be done by an expert on the subject.

Both your firewall utm appliance and vulnerability scanner could work hand in hand in order to protect your computer network. These two pieces of hardware could create a gateway for the data flow that will allow only data that is not harmful for your computer system. While the firewall utm appliance will prevent any harmful software from gaining entrance to the system the vulnerability scanner will help you to make sure that no weak points are there for viruses to enter the computers of the network in order to damage or destroy its files.

As two of these pieces of hardware will complement each other in their action your computer network will be secured against attack by hackers. No virus sent by them could gain entrance to your computer system. This is a valuable contribution that is made by these cost effective pieces of computer hardware. In case one piece of malware or virus enters the network it will be able to do a considerable damage. Therefore, it is always good to protect any computer network with the addition of these two hardware units. They are available at reasonable prices and could be purchased online.

The most important aspect of these two pieces of hardware is their proactive nature of prevention of virus attacks. Rather than taking action after a virus attack it is always better to make sure that no threat enters your network. Your security hardware is able to do that. When you make an internet search for them you will find hardware of different makes. As a result, you will be compelled to evaluate a few of them before you do your purchase. It is a good idea to read reviews and get an idea on different models in order to help you choose the best one available.

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Buying a firewall utm appliance and a vulnerability scanner and connecting them to your computer network is a good proactive way of preventing virus attacks. It also is a cost effective solution.

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