Why Use Handmade Soaps

By: Gen Wright

These days, natural and organic products are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the side effects of artificial products. Handmade soaps are also natural products. They are a hit among people who want to go all natural and they are also given as gifts in special occasions and holidays. But you might still be wondering, why buy handmade soaps? Regular soaps are much easier to use. Just buy it from the supermarket or grocery and bring it home and remove from the box or packaging. If you still want to be convinced it is beneficial to use handmade soaps, here are the reasons.

• You know that the ingredients used in handmade soaps are natural, and anything natural is good for your skin. Manufacturers of commercial soaps add some chemicals, detergents, and artificial dyes to their products. It might be true that some of their ingredients have good effects on the skin such as moisturizers, vitamins, and other minerals. However, the presence of artificial and chemical ingredients cancels out the benefits of these good ingredients, which makes regular soaps useless, if not harmful.

For handmade soaps, you know for sure that the ingredients are safe for your skin because you made them yourself. You know that you added some essential oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, or coco butter; fragrance; natural glycerine; and other natural additives such as oatmeal, mint, lemon, brown sugar, honey, poppy seeds, strawberries, oranges, and other natural ingredients.

Moreover, makers of handmade soaps also use only the best ingredients-ingredients that they themselves can eat. This is why even if you decide to buy handmade soaps, you are still sure that it will be good for your skin.

• Aside from personal benefits, there are so many social benefits you can get from using handmade soaps. These natural soaps are not tested on animals. Moreover, manufacturers of mass-produced soaps use oils from animal fats. You can be sure that makers of handmade soaps only use oils from vegetables. These reasons make them a favourite among the animal rights activists and vegetarians, or even for people who care about living a high quality life.

• Since handmade soaps only use all natural ingredients, they are also environment-friendly. Natural products are a part of nature. They could not have bad effects to Mother Nature since they are her offspring, so to speak. Commercial soaps have detergents, and detergents are not natural. When you take a shower and use a regular soap, it might seem harmless. You are wrong. It actually ahs a great impact on the environment, especially since millions of other people use the same artificial products. Handmade soaps do not just clean your body; they also clean your surroundings as well.

• Buying and using handmade products also help small entrepreneurs. If you buy commercial soaps, you are just supporting big companies, with factories and shipping factors. Makers of handmade soaps are usually local people, trying to sell their products which they have made using their own two hands, while encouraging people to have a better and healthier lifestyle.

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