Why Use An eBay Drop Off Store?

By: Vikram Kuamr

Why should you use an eBay drop off store and pay a commission when you can sell on gazelle.com and sell for no commission? The answer is simple - no one knows what the heck gazelle.com is. No one has heard of this site. No one uses it in the movies and on TV because it is so recognizable. No one is going to go to the auction. Those who do will not trust it because they have never heard of it and no one they know has ever purchased anything on it. No one is going to go to the auction at all. The item is just going to sit there until someone comes along and buys it for the least amount that you will take. Then they are going to turn around and sell it on eBay.

You are better off avoiding the hassle, the frustration, the time and the questions (not to mention the shipping and collection of money) and go to the place where everything usually winds up and that is eBay. This is such a famous site that it is a brand that is easily recognized. It is part of pop culture. It defines internet auction. There is an automatic app on most smart phones and computers for this site. Even if they go to an auction somewhere else, the people who are buying on auctions are still going to go to eBay. The only reason that they are going to want to buy anything from some second rate site is because they are getting a steal.

Maybe you are a little nervous about being on eBay. That is fine because eBay has upped the requirements for sellers in an effort to procure even more buyers. Now buyers on eBay have a lot more confidence when making a purchase. They have a guarantee. They can buy something and not worry about getting cheated. This is worth everything to anyone who is buying anything on an auction site and yes, they will pay more money for that guarantee. People who purchase online want to be sure that their purchases are protected and that their information is protected. They have that comfort with eBay. They already trust eBay. It does not matter what any other site does, the public conception of this big auction site far surpasses any other.

Go to an eBay drop off store. They will do it all for you. It is hard to break in to eBay as a seller and unless you want to make a career of this (as many have and still do) you will want to get the most for your item and be done with it. That is what makes the stores so great. They do all the work. It is a lot of work to auction off an item, any item. And if you do not have any sort of feedback, you will get less than if you are well rated on this site. So you should do yourself a favor and just take whatever it is that you want to sell to eBay and not mess around with any other site.

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You are wasting your time and effort in trying to sell on gazelle.com because no one knows about this site. If you want to sell something and get the most money, without the hassle, go to an eBay Drop Off Store .

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