Why Use An Outdoor Lockable Notice Board For Your Building

By: Richard Bull

It really does seem at times that we have come to rely on the Internet far too much for communicating today. And why not? By e-mailing or posting on websites or blogs you can now get our messages through to so many more people, and it's quick and easy too. We're far better off today than decades back when folks had to rely on their telephones, "snail mail", or perhaps posting in local newspapers or some other public forum.
But then again, have we had to sacrifice "certain elements" in exchange for the greater numbers and higher level of efficiency that we get with Internet communication? The simple answer to that, is "yes", and all you have to do is look at an outdoor lockable noticeboard see all what we have given up. For starters, with this type of public communication you get your message through to people who don't use e-mail or surf the Internet, and there are a whole lot of them out there. Far more than you may realize. Older "pre-Internet" folks for instance, and people with vision problems that make screen viewing difficult.
People who require some other method if you want to get your message through to them. Then there's the undeniable "positive contact" factor that can't be denied in this case. That is that if you have information that you need communicated to a group of people, and you want to be 100% sure that you get the message through, this is for sure one of the best ways of doing it. Apartment tenants for instance can't deny that they've been informed of something when it's posted in the outdoor lockable noticeboard that they have to walk by every day to get to and from their home. Another undeniable benefit of this classic a time-honored form of public communication, is that you can post far more information inside of one than you can with an e-mail. Multiple pages of info can be posted in the noticeboard and the difference here, is that people stop and read them.
People who are more than likely to ignore an "over informative" e-mail. Then also don't forget that an e-mail has to be typed up, and that can be a problem for a lot of the folks. Folks who are just better suited by taking what they need "posted", sliding open the glass door and simply tacking it up on a board. Then when it's in a properly sealed and lighted outdoor message board you can also post photographs or "whatever" in it, and because it's lighted you can be assured that folks are viewing what you've posted anytime of day or night.
Also don't forget the LED lighting uses 70% less power and doesn't generate heat that can damage photos like standard methods of lighting can. Then finally an attractive, modern, well lit lockable outdoor noticeboard can bring an element of excitement to your organization. A place where your visitors, clients, customers, tenants, employees, or "whoever" can look forward to visiting to check out the latest news, commentary, photos, or notices that you've put out. Don't forget that everybody benefits from better communication, and outdoor posted messages will always be one of the best ways to do it.

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