Why Superfeet Shoes are Beneficial to Your Health

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Shoe shopping provides you with a virtually infinite range of possibilities in terms of style, color, and price. But what about the comfort factor of these shoes? Comfort is something that is particularly important when it comes to the shoes you wear at work, while exercising, playing sports, or any other physically demanding activities.

The average person takes somewhere between eight thousand and twelve thousand steps every single day. That adds up to an enormous amount of wear and tear on feet, especially for someone who wears uncomfortable shoes, or shoes that donít fit properly. When you wear shoes that donít properly cushion and support your feet, a wide variety of problems could occur. Some problems could include bunions, corns, blisters, and under-foot pain.

When you continue to wear shoes that donít fit, it is not just your shoes that suffer. When your feet are constantly tired or aching, you might tend to feel generally fatigued and unwell, perhaps even a bit irritable.

Thatís why itís important to choose not only the right pair of shoes, but also the right pair of insoles. Thatís where the Superfeet line comes in.

The Superfeet Insole Line

When you wear insoles that are too soft or donít properly conform to the shape of your feet, it can be like running in loose, dry sand. It feels good at first, but the extra effort you have to expend means you grow tired more quickly and you will soon begin to feel the exhaustion in your ankles, knees, and back. Superfeet insoles are just the opposite, they are made from firm, supportive materials that help your feet achieve better balance and your body achieve better alignment, and they are very comfortable as well.

The precise contouring and firm support of the Superfeet line of insoles provides your feet, and your whole body for that matter, with a range of benefits. Insoles are like mattresses for the feet, and a good insole, like a good mattress, is made from firm, supportive, and comfortable materials that cushion your feet in style. Superfeet insoles provide support that improves your balance and promotes correct alignment.

When your feet are properly balanced and aligned with insoles and footwear that are the right fit and provide the correct amount of support, you can really feel the difference. Your bodyís weight is better balanced. The correct balance of your weight removes stress from your muscles and joints; reduces pain and reduces the possibility of future joint problems.

Choose the Right Superfeet Insoles to Ease Common Foot Ailments

There are several different types of Superfeet insoles to choose from, but donít worry, itís not as difficult as you might think to choose the perfect insole. The three factors to consider when choosing Superfeet products are your foot type, the type of shoes for which you will be using the insoles, and the activity for which the shoes are designed.

ē Foot Types

There are three basic foot types. First, thereís the ďneutralĒ foot, which is a well-defined shape that functions normally without any extra support. Only around 10-15% of the population has this foot type. Even though no biomechanical support is needed, people with this foot type can still benefit from the shock-absorbing qualities of Superfeet insoles.

The other two foot types are pronated and supinated. These two types of feet can particularly benefit from Superfeet insoles. Pronated feet have a tendency towards flatter arches and elongated feet, which may result in blisters, bunions, or warts, as well as pain in the knees, hips, and back. People with supinated feet are often more likely to experience frequent ankle sprains, tendonitis, or ligament problems. If your feet fall into either of these categories, choosing a Superfeet Premium Insole might be able to help correct the problems you are having.

ē Shoe Types

Because most types of athletic footwear come already equipped with removable insoles, it is very easy to replace your current insoles with a Superfeet insole.

Some casual and formal footwear styles donít come with a removable insole. Superfeet can still help you out with low-profile trimmable insoles. These are thinner than the standard line insoles.

ē Activities

Superfeet insoles come in a range of shapes (and trimmable varieties) to suit the footwear and the activities designed for that footwear. For runners and walkers there are insoles designed to provide extra shock absorption. For those who are involved in other athletic activity, there are specially-designed insoles which provide a tighter fit that is ideal for the stop-and-start motions common on the athletic fields or courts.

The Superfeet Guarantee

Superfeet offers a sixty day comfort guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose, except tired, aching feet! If your Superfeet insoles donít provide the results you were expecting, you can return them to the place of purchase within sixty days for a full refund or credit (subject to the return policy of the retailer where you bought the product). Thatís the Superfeet guarantee!

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