Why Should You Use Cheap Light LEDs for Emergency Vehicles

By: Sunil Punjabi

There are many reasons LEDs provide the perfect option when you need cheap light for emergency vehicles. When you are looking for cheap lights for emergencies, there are several different dimensions that you need to consider. The original cost is important but it is not the only priority. LED lights are affordable, with mini bars, dash lights and deck lights costing less than $50. You can also purchase inexpensive strobes for less than $25. You can get lucky with clearance sale too once in a while to purchase emergency lights for vehicles and then use them during critical situations. The bigger light bars with a wide array of features might cost more than $1000. However, you can purchase these during discount sale for a much lesser cost, when you need full bar emergency lighting for bigger trucks, trailers and equipment carriers. Cheap lights making use of LEDs donít need you to compromise on the brightness either.

LEDs are ideal for cheap light for emergency vehicles because with their size, they are useful for every type of emergency lighting. 1Watt LEDs can be stacked in huge numbers depending upon how much lighting is needed. Cheap lights making use of LEDs have low Amp draw and lead to less wastage of energy through heat dissipation. This makes LEDs more energy efficient. LEDs also emit brighter lighting in spite of lower wattage compared to other contemporary options such as CFLs, incandescent lights and xenon lights. Brighter luminosity of the LEDs can prove useful for warning signals which need to be sent across a long range.

Cheap light fixtures making use of LEDs are cost effective because they also come with intensity modes. While LEDs conserve energy through brighter lighting with lower wattage, you can also save energy by operating the cheap lights at different intensities depending upon the requirement. Some light bars come with high intensity, low intensity and standard or cruise lighting modes while some allow you to adjust the intensity infinitesimally until you are satisfied with the lighting. Depending upon the time of the day, you can adjust the intensity of the lighting and make sure you save energy.

Cheap light fixtures making use of LEDs are efficient because of the long operational life of LEDs which exceeds 100,000 hours in some cases. You have to make sure you pick cheap lights with certified LEDs that give you full value for the money. The light equipment also comes with heavy duty professional warranty which takes care of maintenance and service upgrades which might be needed for the equipment. A simple 12 V DC power supply would suffice for LED bars and this power supply can be recharged easily from time to time. The lighting is made more intensive through the use of wide angle optics including lenses, domes and filters. So, the longer life of the LEDs, the 5 year hassle free warranty and the impressive energy and cost efficiency, are all reasons that contribute to saving your money, when on a tight budget.

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