Why Self Hypnosis Facilitates Your Goals

By: Joann Cheong

Self hypnosis is a basic, inexpensive technique that you can practice on your own and at your leisure. It is also one of the safest and most powerful behavior modification techniques known to science. Yes, thatís right, science. Many people think of self hypnosis as a kind of magic, but in reality hypnosis is no more exotic or mysterious than other activities like eating or sleeping. Scientific evidence supports the idea that practicing self hypnosis can help you achieve aims that range from overcoming a shy disposition to staying on track with an exercise program. Self hypnosis has been shown to help people all over the world change their lives for the better. To learn a bit about why and how self hypnosis works, check out these simple facts.

The trance like state associated with self hypnosis is actually just a very advanced form of total physical relaxation and psychological comfort. A wide range of studies have shown that regular relaxation, whether through yoga, meditation, or hypnosis, can greatly improve quality of life. Relaxation can help you manage stress and reduce physical tension. When you relax, you encourage the release of hormones that regulate your mood and energy levels, so the more often you are able to fully relax, the better and more vibrant you will feel. When you pursue a course of self hypnosis, you may feel healthier and more positive simply because you are relaxing often and fully.

Another reason why self hypnosis may get such great results has to do who uses hypnosis and why. Anyone who tries self hypnosis is ready and willing to change his or her life for the better. Sometimes, truly being excited and open towards the possibility of transforming the life you have into the life you want is a huge step towards realizing your dreams. By the time you start your first self hypnosis session, you have already taken a big step on the path to success. When you decide to follow a self hypnosis program that requires you to invest fifteen or twenty minutes of your day every single day for a period of a month or more, you are making a strong commitment to change. Many self improvement experts agree that having a daily chance to remind yourself of how important your goals are, and how motivated you are to pursue them, can help you stay on track. Self hypnosis gives you this opportunity, and much more.

There is some evidence to support the idea that self hypnosis awakens the part of your mind that is responsible for creative thinking. During a hypnotic state, brainwave activity increases substantially in the area of your cerebral cortex that is responsible for imagination and finding creative solutions to problems. By more fully tapping into the resources that this side of your mind provides, you may be increasing your chances of success in the endeavor of your choice. Self hypnosis may help you reach your goals simply by letting you use the full range of intelligence that already lies within you

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