Why Rebuilding Cordless Tool Batteries Is Not a Good Idea

By: James Marshell

Similarly, when a battery of your cordless tool dies, some adventurous handymen think about rebuilding it to save some money. Please note Ė rebuilding a cordless tool battery is not a good idea for various reasons listed below:


The idea of rebuilding your batteries only works if you have those old Nickel Cadmium batteries because they are safe and stable. But in todayís industry, most cordless tools use Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries that are far more volatile and dangerous. Playing or tampering with Li-Ion batteries can cause some serious physical and property damage. So, the idea of rebuilding is a complete no-no for Li-ion batteries.

Now, even if you have a few Ni-Cd batteries left that you want to rebuild, you can try it but it is advisable to avoid it because of the following reasons.


Rebuilding your cordless tool battery is not an easy job. It requires good knowledge of how batteries work and it involves educating yourself about the rebuilding process. In short, you are making an intellectual investment to save a few dollars. If your aim is to tinker with the battery because you enjoy engaging in such tasks then go ahead, learn the craft but if the sole motivation is to protect your wallet then itís not worth it.


If you havenít done the cost versus benefit analysis before, let me tell you that the effort you are going to put in rebuilding your battery wonít save you much. After buying materials, spending time and putting effort, you would be saving something between $5 - $10 which is quite measly given the time, money and effort youíve invested. If you are really good at rebuilding batteries, you can make revitalized kits for other craftsmen to make some extra money.


It is a process that needs expertise and it takes a lot of time. If you are doing it for the very first time, you will spend time searching the internet for a proper guide that teaches you how to rebuild a battery. Then you will go through the natural proceedings of trial and error and in the end, the success is not guaranteed.


By spending a few more dollars; you can buy new batteries that will give you a far better run time than revitalized ones. Rebuilt batteries have dead cells that donít perform well enough even after going through the rebuilding process. On the other hand, new batteries come with new cells that are considerably more efficient giving you a better runtime.

If you are really hell bent on using rebuilt batteries, then instead of trying to build on your own, you should buy revitalized battery kits that are also available on the market.

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