Why Nurses Wear Crocs

By: Matthew Gio

If you have ever been to a medical office or hospital, you know that the doctors and nurses stand on their feet for at least eight hours a day. While tennis shoes help cushion the walk, they can still tire the feet. Because of this, it wasn't too long before someone invented a shoe that still helped cushion the walk and make the feet less tired. Enter Crocs.
Nowadays, medical professionals are making the switch over to Crocs. In 2002, Scott Seamans revealed to the world his brand new shoe. This shoe immediately became a huge hit. Seamans' shoes, which he called Crocs, came in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. There was a pair of Crocs for every personality. However, it's biggest selling feature was the amount of comfort each pair provided. It wasn't long until medical professionals caught on and began making the switch to Crocs from their tennis shoes. Nowadays, you might even hear Crocs referred to as doctors' shoes, nurses' shoes, or even medical shoes.
In order to provide more ventilation to prevent against dry feet, Crocs are available with holes. Every medical building has different guidelines as to what you can and cannot wear, so check with your office before purchasing your first pair of Crocs. Also, the OSHA states that all medical personnel must have a closed toe shoe. Make sure you know what is permitted in your office.
One of the most amazing traits of every pair of Crocs is the shoe's ability to mold to your foot after regular use. The more you wear your Crocs, the more comfortable they get as they form themselves to perfectly fit you. For doctors and nurses and anyone else that stands on their feet for 12 hours a day, this is a huge benefit of Crocs. You can never underestimate the relief of a comfortable pair of shoes.
Crocs are ideal for medical personnel who are pregnant with swollen, achy feet, personnel with diabetes, or bunions. The crocs have an inner support and have small nubs on the underlying part of the shoe that will massage your foot as you walk. These also provide good arch support.
With the comfort and style of crocs, is it any wonder why doctors and nurses prefer them over regular tennis shoes?

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