Why Network Security Needs Network Analyzer Software?

By: Robert Thomson

Every computer network that is connected to the internet and worldwide web is highly vulnerable to security threats, hacking, unauthorized entries, data integrity issues and data loss. There are number of ways how intruders can sneak into your network and steal your data, misuse or manipulate the data. Most often, these intruders have sophisticated applications to steal the data from your network without your knowledge. No organization can compromise on data security because it is the lifeline of all organizations. At times there can be sensitive data pertaining to third parties including customer data.

As intruders operate in stealth mode, there is no way we can notice their intrusion and it requires proper security initiatives to keep them off your network. If you have proper tools that monitor your network 24/7, you will be able to identify hacking attempts and will be able to secure your network at the right before any possible data loss. One of the best ways of ensuring network security is to install a network analyzer in your network.

Reliable network analyzer software such as COLASOFT Packet Sniffer will be able to give your network the needed security. The network analyzer that you install will keep a close watch on all network conversations with the external world. All the data that comes in and goes out of your network will be closely monitored. At any given point, you will able to know how your network resources and bandwidth are utilized. If there is any unusual traffic or activities as a security manager you will be able to easily spot the issues. Every security manager should be aware of the nature of traffic in their network during different times of the day and the regular traffic pattern. You will be able to get this information from a reliable network analyzer. When the network traffic changes drastically or deviates from the regular pattern then it gives you a good reason to suspect of undesirable activities within your network.

Therefore, even when the intruders operate in stealth mode, the abnormal activity within the network will be easily spotted by the network analyzer. The network security manager can set various criteria and parameters using the tool that monitors the network so that timely attention is given even at the slightest suspicion. Without a network analyzer, we will neither know our network’s regular traffic pattern nor will we know whenever there are undesirable background activities.

Using a reliable network analyzer such as COLASOFT Packet Sniffer, you will be able to record all network events, which gives you a total control over your network. You will be able to keep track of all HTTP requests, Email messages, FTP data transfers, DNS requests and instant messenger activities. This covers every aspect of your network’s activities. At times, the intruders may even use your network to send spam mails without your knowledge, if you have a network analyzer you will be able to keep a tab on the data transfer. You will be able to spot instantly any unauthorized data transfer. Therefore, using network analyzer tool enhances the security of your network. Visit COLASOFT.com to get more information on reliable network analyzer tools for your network.


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