Why Mysendmail is the best amongst free SMTP servers

By: Robon Reshe

The emailís unparalleled acceptance is so endearing that most of us just tune in without caring much about the workings, or more importantly, the kind of difference being on the move means to your emails services.

The email fabric in its entirety is rather complex. There are multiple systems of servers working in tandem to produce email delivery. Amongst all of them, the SMTP email server simply stands out.

Built to track and deliver, the SMTP email server is a mechanism to set up delivery of outgoing emails. It involves working through a complex arrangement of POP and the IMAP servers tied such that the outgoing emails make their designated assignees.

Issues spring up when you move away from your ISP, rendering your SMTP server clunky. This is where a third-party free SMTP service built around the features of a Universal SMTP server holds good.

Why a free SMTP service like Mysendmail is absolutely worth the while is its ability to spring up multiple SMTP connections on the move. The mechanism fosters connectivity in non-ISP zones easing up the limitations coming with a native ISP.

Mysendmail works on your iPad, iPhone, tablet, laptop or any other smart device just as flawlessly as your ISPís SMTP, the big difference being that unlike the ISP you can have uninterrupted emails going round the clock, irrespective of your geographic mobility.

Another big Mysendmail advantage is that it allows sending emails over any email client for free. You just need to sign up once before the free SMTP program configures itself on your device. The choice of email client is not a deterrent and you can go ahead using a Gmail or Outlook or Eudora equally well.

Upon signup you are assigned a dedicated login layered with multiple password protection. The set up centralizes activities like tracking, sending, and monitoring emails on a single user account.

Mysendmail comes with a wide range of customizable email plans which can be aligned to your usage. Depending on your consumption, you can anytime upgrade or go back to a lower end plan.

For the on-the-go user, flawless connectivity matters, and that is exactly what Mysendmail delivers. All it takes to enjoy free emails from anywhere is a Mysendmail account and an email plan to go with. To configure your device and email client, visit www.mysendmail.com

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