Why LED Lighting in an Outdoor Lockable Notice Board?

By: Richard Bull

It's the very latest technology in lighting today that's been generating a huge buzz since it was developed and introduced. So along with several other feature options you have to select from when ordering a lockable outdoor noticeboard you now have the option of LED lighting.
What's the big deal though, and is it just some kind of marketing gimmick? After all we really are just talking about lighting here and if you were to go to check around your home you'll probably find that the standard incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that you've always used are working just fine.
LED stands for (light emitting diode) and the more you read about it the more you will come to understand why it's being adapted into so many different products that you can buy today, including a outdoor lockable noticeboard.
For instance it completely does away with light bulbs. Think of a light emitting diode as something like a small computer chip that lights up when it's electrified. A small electrical component that delivers a much longer service life than a light bulb.
LED lighting components are also more durable than bulbs which also makes it the better choice for a lockable outdoor noticeboard in particular, but it doesn't end there.
You see the light emitted from an LED source is also different a few other ways. Crucial differences that really matter and one is that it spreads out more evenly.
"Even" means that the light itself that's being emitted isn't concentrated in the center and lighter in the edges.
This new technology in lighting also covers a broader spectrum range, so it's better to read by because it's more natural. A light source that more closely resembles the natural lighting that the sun emits, so it's more "eye friendly", and easier to read by.
LED lighting also consumes far less electricity. Up to 80% and even 90% less than other standard light sources and in an outdoor lockable noticeboard that's lit 24 hours a day a savings like that can really add up over time.
It's also "cooler" too which can make a big difference if you plan on posting heat sensitive material like photographs in your noticeboard. This compared with standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that could turn the inside of a noticeboard into a virtual oven.
There's still one more thing that makes this new technology in lighting a better choice, and that's colors. Color and light created by LED lighting is created not by lenses but rather electronically, directly from the diode. This in turn translates into far more options in color choices that are brighter, more diverse, and easily changed.
Then lastly it's also low-voltage, so it's a perfect choice for the notice board that will be power off a solar panel in a remote location that doesn't have standard 120 V power. Places like campgrounds, sports fields, etc.
Do keep in mind though, that your standard LED lit lockable outdoor noticeboard does come with a transformer fitted inside of it, so it will connect up to and power off of 120 V power.

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