Why Is Netflix Columbia Not Available And How To Get Around It

By: Vikram Kuamr

Netflix is an online movie streaming and rental website, much like the physical video rental stores where people can rent movies on CDs and DVDs. Originally, when Netflix was first started, it built its success on using the post to facilitate movie rentals. Over time, as the technology that provides internet access to households advanced, and speeds became faster and faster, the founders of Netflix realized that people no longer needed the physical CDs and DVDs to get their movies, but could simply load them over the internet. Unfortunately, Netflix is limited to only the United States and a few other countries, with the majority of countries worldwide having no access to Netflix. There is no Netflix Columbia or Netflix Germany, for example.

Until recently, people who lived outside the United States had to content themselves with services that were similar to Netflix and which had been modeled after it. None of these services are as good as Netflix, however, simply because the company has reached such a large scale that it is able to secure deals with almost any motion picture publisher that it wants to, providing customers with the widest range of movies possible to choose from. Other services are, unfortunately, much more limited in this area.

The main reason Netflix has not expanded its operations to include many other countries outside of the United States is because of something known as DRM, or Digital Rights Management. DRM essentially refers to the ownership of digital media movies in this case. While the United States and some other developed nations have very well defined intellectual property laws that are actively enforced, many other nations do not. This leaves streamed movies open to being pirated by users who make copies and then distribute them over sharing networks. This practice is already extremely common, with individuals making digital copies from CDs and DVDs and distributing them online, usually for free. Netflix simply does not want to have to deal with the consequences of having its material pirated, and its partners are usually unwilling for the company to expand into less developed nations as well.

There are a few ways to get around this restriction if you are living outside the United States, and they are all relatively easy to implement. Since Netflix differentiates between users according to where they are connecting from, the only way to make use of the service from outside the United States is not to broadcast where you actually are. There are ways to make yourself seem to be using your computer somewhere within the United States when you might actually be in a different country or on an entirely different continent. These options include proxies and VPNs, among others.

So if you find yourself in Columbia, Germany or some other country where there is simply no Netflix Columbia, Netflix Germany or any form of Netflix at all, do not despair. There are ways to get around the problem so that you can gain access to all the best streaming movies.

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