Why Gel Beds Are Better Than the Other Alternatives

By: Vikram Kuamr

Gel beds offers several advantages over the more traditional options such as spring mattresses and even over some of the more modern options such as memory foam. So what is a gel mattress and what are the benefits it offers?

A gel mattress is made up of a constructed mattress as the base and on top of it is a gel layer. The constructed mattress provides much needed stability and compression and the top gel layer, which is made from special flexible materials, give the mattress its special gel-like cushioning for the ultimate in comfort. The gel is not absolutely fluid so you get extra freedom of movement and you will not sink right into it as may happen with some types of mattresses including memory foam.

Here are some of the benefits of using gel beds.

First of all, unlike most other materials that provide either support or comfort but rarely both, gel has that rare ability to provide support without compromising on comfort. This in itself gives it the upper edge against its competition.

In a good gel mattress, the columns of gel are placed in a honeycomb like pattern. Each of the columns is designed to support a certain weight and to buckle and collapse slightly when that limit has been reached. When this happens, some parts of your body such as your hips and your shoulders, will sink into the mattress while your back and legs and other parts of your body still get the comfortable support that they need.

Gel mattresses are flexible enough that they are compatible with any of the other mattresses including latex mattresses, innerspring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. This means, you do not have to compromise one for the other. You can choose your preferred mattress technology and still combine it with the comfort of a gel mattress.
Another significant benefit of gel mattresses is that they have an inherent cooling effect. The design encourages the inner air to circulate properly so that the hot air does not remain trapped inside. Instead it dissipates and get reduced. This can be a huge relief to those living in hotter climes as well as to those who are bedridden as there is no question of any discomfort or back ache brought on by the accumulation of heat. Many people who are used to using memory foams tend to use a gel mattress over it as memory heats can get very heated up.

Because the gel is flexible and supple, it can adhere to your body and wrap around the contours of your body so you feel snug and comfortable without feeling too hot.
The honeycomb design of a gel mattress has an intrinsic massaging effect so your body gets a mild massage even as you sleep. It can be very soothing while sleeping, in addition to which it also provides much needed relief from aching muscles and pressure sores.

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A Gel Mattress offers several benefits over other types of mattresses and is a good choice to make when looking for something that will offer you comfort without compromising on support. You will find a wide range of affordable gel Beds at 007 Beds.

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