Why Every Girl Needs A Cosmetic Bag

By: Gail Mardew

In fashion and beauty, cosmetics is one of the foremost elements. Make-up is important in enhancing ones beauty and facial assets. It is only when make-up is used wrongly or excessively that we get not-so-pretty results. Besides lack of knowledge in using cosmetics, container slip-ups can also cause a make-up disaster.
It is very frustrating to find your make-up all jumbled haphazardly in a bag. What can be expected to see inside? The strands of brushes that are tangled and messy; the foam of eye shadow appliers are deformed or even damaged; lipstick covers are loosened, drying up its contents and rendering them unusable; and eye shadow and blush powder containers with broken covers. It certainly is a pain to see eye shadow colors reduced to powder.
When this is the state of your make-up gear, you can hardly expect to have desirable results with your make-up. Good thing these mishaps can be avoided by getting a good make-up bag.
Make-up gear will be properly stored and organized in cosmetic bags. They will be kept in good condition so you'll be able to fully use and enjoy using them for a long time. Most make-up containers cannot withstand too much jostling and bumping. They will have to be kept in a secure position in make-up bags.
The pockets and other features of a make-up bag are specially designed for certain make-up items. Garter ring straps are often used to hold eye liner pencils, brushes and other slim items. The tube pockets are of course intended for lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara and other cylindrical things. There is usually a slot where a mirror may be placed, convenient for a quick make-up check.
Detachable inner compartments are also a fantastic feature. They are usually sealed with zippers and magnetic snaps. Here you can safely place eye shadow cases, blush-on powder or compact powder. Since the compartment is separated from the rest of the make-up apparatus it is less likely that the cases will break or loosen because of jostling with other items. If the cases do get opened accidentally, the mess will be contained inside the compartment.
Finally, cosmetic bags are made in attractive designs. They resemble totes and handbags, making them very easy to carry around. They are particularly useful if your job is in the beauty business. Cosmetic bags are a must have for make-up artists and those working in salons.

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