Why ERP System Is Considered To Be The Backbone Of E-Business?

By: Terro Dashner

ERP system is considered to be the backbone of E-business. Why is it so? Letís see why ERP system is considered to be the backbone of E-business and more, but before that we need to see more of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This is software meant for all the businesses. Whether itís small, medium or large, every business is going to get benefitted with Enterprise Resource Planning system. However, medium and large size business will have more application with Enterprise Resource Planning. As you know, as the business grows the complexity also grows. Now with the sudden growth of your business, you have more departments, more employees and more office spaces to handle. All the departments run their own show. All the departments have their own data. May be they all do very well individually, but is that enough for your business to climb the ladder of success? No, itís not enough for your business.

Your business needs to overcome the challenges posed by the communication between these different departments. Enterprise Resource Planning software system is the perfect solution here as it integrates so many departments in to one single system. There is a centralized database where you can find all the details of your employees to inventory to bills. For the same, you are now able to elevate your business to new levels. Although it was first developed in the manufacturing industry to take care of its operations, Enterprise Resource Planning software later evolved in to unavoidable software for all the business out there. Itís the same for E-business as well.

These days the difference between regular business and E-business is slowly disappearing. With the introduction of internet in the 1990s, offline or regular business slowly started dissolving in to online or E-business. Although the process is still on, we can feel that E-business will take over regular business in few yearsí time. So ERP system is considered to be the backbone of E-business. There are reasons why ERP system is considered to be the backbone of E-business. Letís take a look at those reasons one after another. Enterprise Resource Planning software system keeps track of all the information regarding the business in a centralized database.

As for E-business, the whole business transaction is done online. The customer makes his purchase online with his credit card. Now itís time for the shipping department to send the product to the customer. So, there are various departments working in tandem to provide the best service when it comes to E-business. If there is no centralized database things will be extremely difficult for E-business to survive as it relies on the live data. So, for the effective working, E-business relies a lot on Enterprise Resource Planning software system. The Enterprise Resource Planning software enables the various departments or modules to exchange data to help each other in their operation. This mutual helping helps them keep it going as far as the business is concerned. So, in one way or the other Enterprise Resource Planning software system is the backbone of the E-business, which has got a very complex structure.

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