Why Do They Do It? Really?

By: Stella Lewis

Hey, wait! Stop. Did you see that sign--We Buy Junk Cars? The people behind that sign mean it, you know. Junk cars may be junk to you. But to these buy and sell folks, this means business. Remember that old saying that there is money in trash? Well, the people from the junk car business realize that. And now, they are working hard to take advantage of that opportunity. How on earth do you think they do it? If you know the basics of buying and selling, you will understand the mechanics of their job.

Usually, junk car businessmen have better marketing strategies than just a poster or a signage with words that say, “We buy junk cars.” The more aggressive junk car companies go for more engaging marketing methods than just those found in print advertising. You can’t get good junk car deals when you focus on your neighborhood alone. You always have to go a bit farther if you want a wide range of possible clients. These businessmen have more marketing tricks up their sleeves. Let’s not delve into this any further. I believe their marketing tricks are their own.

I think what we have to discuss further here is how people get fascinated with this career path in buying and selling--especially those that prefer saying we buy junk cars than say, “Hey! We buy used smartphones!” Why do they choose junk cars over all the other possible stuff they can sell to other people? Well, let’s look at the obvious, shall we? Perhaps they just love cars and automobiles more than anything else in the world. Perhaps it is a family business passed down from generations to generations. Okay, that went out as quite dramatic. But we can never know, right?

Aside from that, what other possible reasons can a businessman have in wanting to invest in buying and selling junk cars? Well, maybe because it is a more conducive and feasible venture to pursue. Not to mention, there is at least one junk car sitting inside a house’s garage or backyard. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is what I usually observe with the houses that I pass by all the time. Offering those people the convenience of getting rid of their cars is, I gather, a huge breath of fresh air--and with a hefty amount of cash no less!

What kind of business setting is more profitable for both buyer and seller? The great thing is that even the wrecked out, battered ones can still be bought and recycled into something else valuable. Of course, you will still have to invest on certain equipment to do the recycling thing. But that’s the good thing, right? There are quite a number of possibilities on what you can do with your business aside from that embarrassing tarpaulin screaming, “We buy junk cars!” Of course, aside from its many possibilities, one’s mere love for automobiles is enough to keep such a business afloat.

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