Why Do I Get Constant Heartburn?

By: Mel Joelle

Heartburn is the burning sensation that people get when the acid of the stomach meets up with the lining of the esophagus that is the tube that transmits food from the mouth to the stomach. In addition, it is the most frequent symptom of acid reflux disease.

Each time the stomach acid reaches the esophagus, the reaction is the excruciating feeling, which is a powerful burning in both the throat and the chest. Heartburn is inclined to happen or worsens after eating, when bending over, or after lying down in the evening.

Heartburn can have many causes that bring on the constant discomfort. Some of these causes are listed below. Fatty and fried foods cause problems when a person’s digestion is slow. This causes problems when the stomach is pressured and thrusts the hydrochloric acid into the esophagus. Coffee, tea and all other drinks that contain caffeine relaxes the muscles. This will have an effect on the sphincter muscle of the esophagus. Chocolate includes Theo bromine that produces a similar result as caffeine, which causes the loosening of the rings of muscles that protect the esophagus.

Eating varieties of vegetables and fruits that have a high acid content such as onions, citrus, and tomatoes, or drinking carbonated beverages can be irritating and cause heartburn.Tobacco and alcohol cause a reaction like caffeine as they have chemicals that relax the lower sphincter muscle of the esophagus. Alcohol can boost acid production. Wearing clothes that are close fitting can put pressure on the stomach and force the acid out of the stomach.

Heartburn occurring at night is very common. Several issues can add to the problem. One is swallowing. Saliva aids in defusing stomach acid, but people, tend to swallow less during sleep. Therefore, they have a smaller amount of saliva to help stop the burning out of the esophagus. The second issue is gravity. When one lies down, the gravity is not capable of retaining the stomach acid in the stomach, so it tracks back into the esophagus without difficulty.

The more physical causes of constant heartburn are the dysfunction of the sphincter, the ejection of stomach acid from the stomach, the increased relaxation of the muscles that surrounds the sphincter, and a hiatial hernia.

Additionally, damage to the esophagus can cause the esophagus to be more sensitive to acid reflux.

Many people who experience constant heartburn indicate that a chaotic life and stress linked to work affects heartburn. Even though stress is not immediately associated with heartburn, it can cause reactions that can set off heartburn. When people go through stress, they do not carry through with regular schedules as to eating, medicine, and exercise.

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